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Christian Influence in Massachusetts Bay Colony Self Governance

CHRISTIAN INFLUENCE IN MASSACHUSETTS BAY COLONY SELF-GOVERNANCE Student’s Name Subject January 12th, 2018 From the circumstances that conditioned the practicality of the American Puritans' approach to their religious doctrine, the most important was that they were residents of the colony. No matter how urgent the imperatives of their Christian doctrine were, they were not dogmatic; the colonists could not afford to build their political institutions on its basis alone. A few decades earlier, their Geneva co-religionists in this respect were guided only by individual aspirations and dogma. However, already at the initial stage of the New England existence, signs of its colonial status are seen...

Christianity and the Religious Essay

Christianity and the Religious Essay Student’s Name Institution Affiliation The reason why Christians would desire to dialogue with the other spiritual cultures could actually be part of their calling to spread the Gospel. The difference existing between them gives us a clear view that they all have different beliefs and values as dictated by the doctrines. They have different ways of worshiping God, and thus a dialogue would provide that sense of belonging together in peace and harmony despite the differences. This necessitates the learning each other’s positive and spiritual values, understanding one’s own beliefs, and the ability to explore the riches of the respective religious...

Judaism Essay

Judaism Essay Name Institution Affiliation Date Judaism and Christianity Christianity and Judaism share a similar history as well as the teachings. The two religions have different rituals and beliefs. It is usual for the two religions to have misunderstandings on each other. However, learning each religion can help curb the differences between the two religions. Christianity is understood as a religion while Judaism is more of the religious beliefs. Christians practice the Christian faith, but the Jewish have a secure connection to the Israelites. However, the Judaism religion does not exercise the rituals of the Jewish. The misinterpretation of life and death creates a misunderstanding...

Leadership Issues In Scripture

The Bible says that Christian leadership is built on those principles that are absolutely contrary to the principles of the secular world. In practice, this is extremely rare. Therefore, the church needs such leaders, which will differ radically from the leaders of the secular world, because, according to the Scriptures, Jesus, being the Chief, was completely different from all worldly rulers. "... All the same, their deeds are done so that people see them: they expand their vaults and increase the excitations of their clothes ..." Here Jesus speaks of the religious leaders of the time. They wore special clothes, thus demonstrating their religiosity. Christ told not to do this, and the Church should...

Dead but Alive

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Dead but Alive Sherman is a Native American teenager who names himself as Zits. He is half Irish and Half Indian, who never recognized his alcoholic father while his mom passed away when he was only six. The aspect of ethnicity enables him to acknowledge stigma associated with being a Native American. He notices that minorities affect opinion based on one’s background, and everyone is fixed with a different ideology that is particular to a given ethnic group. He learns a lot more about his people and family when he notices that there is a lie about his history. A lot of questions tickle in his mind whether his father was an Indian whom he never knew (Sherman...

I AM The Bread of Life

THE BREAD OF LIFE Name Institution Instructor Date Introduction “I am the bread of life” is a popular statement among Christians that depicts the episode of Jesus when he fed the multitude of followers. The episode details the life of Jesus and his power as it appears in the Gospel of John 6:22-59. The statement or phrase has immense significance to Christians and religious leaders in the world. It gives them hope for the future and affirmation that they serve a living God. The episode also affirms that they have a true provider that is always standing by their side. The bread of life means according to some translation, the provider of life, the redeemer and the way to God. It shows the...


Name: Professor: Course: Date: Taoism Taoism which is often referred to as Daoism is a tradition found among the Chinese people. Its premise revolves around urging individuals to live together in harmony together with Tao, which is path or way. The word Tao is also used among different other philosophies apart from Taoism. The usage of the word denotes a particular thing as the force or source behind every existence. Currently, Taoism is among the five religions under existence in China. WHAT IS TAOISM The precepts or principles according to Taoism can be defined clearly when individuals are mediating with their thoughts (Bai 725). During this period their subconscious mind is usually under...

Temptation of Adam

Temptation of Adam Name Date Institution “Temptation of Adam: A Reflection of Women’s Weakness?” Introduction Genesis is the first chapter of the Bible that starts with the story of God’s creation. After creating the Earth, the plants, sky, water, all living and non-living things, God decided to create man and woman who would take care of his creations. Thus, Adam and Eve came into the picture. Contrary to the beautiful beginning of the chapter, Genesis 2-3 recounted the story of the fall of the first two people in the universe after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Worse, many Christians believed that this event became the reason of our “original sin”, which could only...

Argue the differences and similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism

Name Institution Teacher Date A Comparative Study of Hinduism and Buddhism Of the five principal religions in the world today, Buddhism and Hinduism have a well-earned and, it seems, permanent place. Ever since religion has been viewed from a comparative point of view, scholars and students have tried disintegrating the basic concepts of one religion with respect to the other. This, in turn, has led to the posing of various questions—some of which are also deemed to be of a higher understanding than man can imagine. Why are differences between two religions? Do they matter? Why is the definition of God different in two religions? If not, how is it similar? This paper aims to provide a...