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Final Evaluation

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Leanings that Relates with my Life
My name is Rebecca Rico. However, this is my second semester with Pacific Oak. I enrolled in the institution in the last fall of the year 2014. Due to some issues I had to leave the course for some time; my dad was diagnosed with liver cancer. Now I am back to studies; I promised myself to work my way best to gain strength that will help me complete my course with respect to my late father. However, I have learned many things about myself this semester. I would like to first talk of self-esteem. It has been defined in many different ways which depend on other people’s perspective. In terms of sociology and psychology, self-esteem reflects one’s emotions and value. Therefore, it has been broken down into two forms. An individual could be having a high or low self-esteem. High self-esteem allows a person to intermingle freely and raise ideas without fear of what other people will say; that what I treasure and value of myself. On the other hand, people with low self-esteem are characterized by fear; they consider themselves weak and unable. Throughout the semester, I have been able to relate and exchange ideas with different people due to self-esteem. It has really helped me in gathering new ideas and, as a result, being able to contemplate them in my course.
In addition, high self-esteem has made me overcome despair and shame. I have been trying to win each and every situation that I come along. Therefore, I chose to enroll a degree in Human Development and masters in social work. I value people’s welfare and hence my passion has motivated me into working on helping and improving the lives of young people. As a matter of fact, youths form the basis of growth and development in each and every country. I believe by helping them will serve a great part in ensuring a continuous growth of our country. High self-esteem has made me believe in what am doing; I can rescue young people even if am alone. I also have an ability to approach different agencies and seek for help. It all depends on what I want to achieve and not what other people say or think. Moreover, I have learned that one can change other people’s way of thinking. People with low self-esteem need to be counseled and guided with much care. During this semester I have come along some few people with low self-esteem and after having a positive talk and thinking with them; I realize that they change accordingly. Most of them congratulates me and consider me as their mentor. I feel honored and, as a result, gain more courage to go on with my day to day activities.
In addition, this semester has given me a chance to learn a lot from my classmates and about others. I truly enjoyed being in this class and more to that I enjoyed how students and the professor interacted. It was a direct interaction that made a class lively. Moreover, people were able to raise their grievances as well as asking questions of what they’ve not understood. I learned the benefit of the interpersonal relationship. It has continued to help me in my career as I interact with supervisors and people. From my peers, I learned that the best way of getting information and ideas from people is by involving them in conversation. The professor was able to achieve in his teaching since he was able to understand what the students request from their interpersonal conversation.
During the semester, I was also assigned to a certain group of peers. We used to work together and come up with a common conclusion. In addition, we were assigned different questions that we would tackle and present the answers to our professor. In our discussion is where I realized the important of cooperating and working as a team. We were able to raise points from each person’s point of view, compare them without being judgmental and lastly to come up with something common among us. It was the best feeling ever that helped me get good grades as well as better tips of approaching challenges; it always important to involve caring and understanding people. In addition, the participants in our discussion were able to raise clear and precise practices and techniques that helped me develop skills through open-ended questions. However, being in a community where all people share a common goal that is learning has motivated me a lot while I try to pursue my course.
Also, my peer’s way of communication has helped me a lot in boosting my strength in approaching other people. I have realized it in the way I address issues; I am firmer when approaching my workmates, as well as young people. The feeling that all people can communicate and understand each other in an institution gave me morale to help developing young people’s destiny. I feel more dedicated to my job. Moreover, in the group I was able to share my views. It helped in developing my communication skill. I started communicating with a smaller group of people effectively. Now, I can manage to address a large population of people in my workplace. As an individual, I value confident personal empowerment, insight and understanding as well as developing personal skills. In addition, I like when I address issues personally, curb the situation, and effectively communicate solutions with people. As a result, I was able to grow positively and be able to tackle all questions that come along within the semester. I was also able to tackle most of my assigned work comfortably.
As I developed more skills and understanding, I chose to involve building trust among people, communication and corporation among all members of my class and lastly have a chance for people to meet and exchange information and ideas. As each person contributed opinions in the group, I realized there is no discrimination. As a matter of fact, I will take all pieces from all people and use them in life. I feel honored due to the interaction between students and with the professor. I thank them all for showing concern and commitment in helping me develop valuable skills for future use. How our professor works shows how he appreciates his class. It gives him moral to share knowledge and experiences. I would say that he has improved the state of my learning. I would always remember my class as they have helped in gaining skills of approaching my career as well as goals.
My personal and professional life connects much with the course topic. First, I have passion on mastering on social work. I feel honored to have enrolled this course since it develops my communication skills. In social work, I need to be more fluent with how I address people. Moreover, I needed to have best skills of approaching, analyzing and solving upcoming problems. Second, the course has given me much knowledge on how to intermingle with other people; irrespective of one’s level, it important to learn how to relate. The professor was in high level compared to us students. However, he lowered himself and put himself at the same level as the students. Since I want to help young people, I will emulate professor’s trait to be able to relate to both children and the people in management. Lastly, I am outgoing kind of person who loves to meet new people in every place that I go. The course has given me a chance to intermingle with people of different ages, races and tribes. It has helped me to learn different cultures and hence I can live among all people.
There some things I need to change in order to have an effective and empowered communication in my life. I need to secure time for some extra studies. Since am busy most times, I would prefer enrolling more online courses that will give me more knowledge on communication. Second, I need to change my daily schedule and give more time to studying how to communication. Am committing to reducing some daily chores that do not have much meaning to my life; hence, replace them with advantageous ones. I can also intermingle with people who are much conversant with my interest and utilize them for a better life.

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