Satire Essay

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Satire Essay
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Nawabdin electrician

Student name Professor Unit level Date Nawabdin Electrician Nawabdin was an electrician; a family man married to one wife with 13 children all daughters. He had 13 daughters was a result of trying to give birth to a baby boy in vain until he and his wife gave up (Mueenuddin para 4). He was ingenious in altering the reading of an electric meter so that the bill went low than expected by the electric company. He was hired by various clients to perform his ploy as they saved on the electricity bill and paid him some appreciation fee. Nawab is a Pakistani working hard on various jobs many of them so odd just to feed the family he cherishes. The story setting is in Pakistani in the region of...

Writersociological imagination’s choice

Writer Sociological Imagination’s Choice Name of Student Name of University The concept of sociology is a branch of sociology delineating the impact of the life of an individual upon the entire society. It may seem that society conditions the social beings but as an element of sociology, people are equally responsible to shape the nature of society. Sociological imagination is developed by the eminent American sociologist C. Wright Mills. According to him, sociological imagination is a relationship between the wider society and personal experience with vivid awareness (2000). Sociology portrays any concept or pattern noticed in society in a much generalised way. To be more specific, a...

Twenty-First Century Capitalism

Student Professor Course level Date Twenty-First Century Capitalism Abstract In the modern world the countries with the good economic system, are the ones recognized as rich as the USA, whose economy has been stable. Capitalism is characterized by two realms that are the political and the economic real. The paper is addressing modern capitalism as explained by Heilbroner. He talks about its positive aspects and negative as well. But his ideology is to study the current status of capitalism in the world and help predict the future. He talks about 5 level of the revolution that have led into people assuming a sedentary lifestyle to people having the total luxury. From all the levels, there is...

Broken Windows

Name: Instructor: Unit: Date: Broken Windows 20 years ago, New York City became racked with murders, drug dealings, burglaries, car thefts and theft from cars. Despite the crime rates, New York was not limited to few inner city neighborhoods that could still be avoided. The drop in the crime rates during the 1990s were correspondingly surprising. While other cities had major declines in crime rate, no other city experienced the same change. A clean and a healthy New York City can be gained through toxic chemicals that are out of our daily lives. Safety and Health can also be arrived at through the enactment of laws that ensure environmental safety, changing the existing laws, shifting of...

How My Understanding of the Nursing Profession has Changed Over Time

The image of nursing has been changing over time. For instance, before being admitted as a student I had plenty ideas of what it was to be a nurse. Ultimately, those ideas faded, and the sheer reality settled upon those preconceived ideas. People tend to picture nurses in many ways. For instance, they might see nurses as angels; or as the stereotype of "sexy nurse", and although it does not apply to male nurses, it can sometimes be seen. For male nurses, the stereotyping can be even worse, and many colleagues are depicted as effeminate, or less manly (Johnson, 2015). With the time, many of those stereotypes have fallen behind, and people regard nurses as what they really are: Health professionals...

LMU supplement

LMU Supplement. In his reference, Fr. Arrupe cited the "least of neighbors" which supposedly refers to the less fortunate or the have-nots in the society. In our current world, people compete amongst themselves for ways in which they can make a living. The rise in the social status quo is really growing. It has become difficult for us to think about society because we want to be rewarded for anything we spend our time and resources on. In this day and age, the majority only agrees to a task if there is a reward for it; they care less whether or not what they do will create a positive impact on someone less fortunate than them, CITATION Ped74 p 15 l 1033 (Pedro Arrupe 15). What Fr. Arrupe meant in his...

Aristotle: the politics and Max Weber: What is politics?

Aristotle and Weber views on Politics The aim of this essay is answering questions about Aristotle and Weber’s views on politics. To keep the discussion flowing, the answers shall be answered separately. ARISTOTLE1) According the Aristotle, why is the "state", or "political community", the highest good? It is possible to say that Aristotle’s views on politics are reductionist. To explain how the polis works, he goes from the smallest unit, the tribe; to the biggest, the state. Nevertheless, each part of the city is intertwined and work as a collection of parts that have some functions and common interests. Aristotle considered that individuals need the polis, as they would not be...

The effects of depression on social interaction

The Effects of Depression On Social Interaction Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Lecturer Due Date Depression is one of the outrageous psychological disorders caused by numerous factors. These facts may include the interpersonal relationship from the peers as well as the family. That entails connection between individuals who share the same social norms and possess same emotions towards each other. Social relationship plays a critical role in the cause of a particular anxiety. Many individuals have suffered from depression in one pint in their lives. At a time, it may be inevitable as many persons not to know how best to handle the depression, especially at the social level. It...

Improving CyberSecurity In the Veterans Administration

Improving Cyber Security in Veteran Administration Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Improving Cyber Security in Veterans Administrations Introduction As our technology turns out to be progressively developing and linked, securing delicate data is more imperative now than any time in recent past. This makes making data security and protection a top need. Dynamic efforts to establish safety to ensure information and secure the network system and its data innovation frameworks through a "protection inside and out" methodology is crucial and important. This methodology offers layers of specialized, physical and managerial physical security controls to guarantee that regardless of the...