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Teamwork and its benefits

Teamwork And Its Benefits Name Institutional affiliation Teamwork and Its Benefits “Activities in an organization require a lot of interaction and communication between the people involved” (Tohidi, 2010). This helps to build a team capable of going all the way to achieve a common and ultimate goal. STAGES OF TEAM DEVELOPMENT Forming, storming, norming and performing were the four forms of group development (Tuckman, 1965) until a fifth was added called adjourning (Tuckman & Jensen, 1977). These Stages explain how a team grows over time. Forming: During this stage, the team is put together; individuals are formal to each other. They get to know one another and rely on the...

The News Media Fair or Not

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date The New Media, Fair or Not? Chris Tomlinson in his article “Only You Can Fight Fake News,” states that the most patriotic thing Americans can do is keeping themselves informed. I agree with Tomlinson’s perspective on “fake news” that have rocked the American media in the last few incidents such as the Las Vegas shooting and massacre. In light of Tomlinson’s article, it does not make sense why millions of people have continued to believe false information propagated by month old twitter accounts rather than relying on the credibility of media outlets that have existed for centuries. It is even baffling as people continue to share...

Time management self-assessment

Time management skills Student’s name Institution affiliation Time Management SkillsIn the self-assessment of time management skills, I have managed to score 56/ 75. With no objection, I agree with the results which I believe that are the best that could depict my time management skills. However, some challenges could rise deliberated by me or influenced by any other thing which could affect my time management. One of the things was some occasions when I felt that my mind is exhausted and had to keep some of the tasks and assignment to do them later which I could only realize then when the deadline is almost. It, therefore, put me in a lot of rush thus making me not perform in them well as...

Two Trees By Don Paterson.

Student’s Name Tutors Name Course Date Two Trees by Don Paterson Don Paterson has written a poem about two trees. In the first stanza, he describes how Don Miguel woke up one morning bearing in his mind that he had to perform grafting of the orange to the lemon tree. It took Miguel a whole day duration to work on the grafting process as described in the first stanza on the fourth line (Paterson 385). This is an indication that Miguel is a very hard working person. It forms a happy tone at the start given that grafting of the two trees is a great idea. In the second stanza, there is a sequence of bad things that take place showing how the two trees were separated by the man who bought the...

Understanding and working with diverse others

Understanding and Working With Diverse Others Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Understanding and Working with Diverse Others Summary Inclusivity is a crucial concept for business success in the modern world. Companies today acknowledge the importance of diversity by hiring people from different backgrounds and optimizing the abilities of various personnel. The concept of diversity has become especially vital due to the internationalization of businesses. According to De Janasz, Dowd, and Schneider (2014), diverse workforce assures companies of improved interactions with clients, better corporate culture, and expanding access to the shifting marketplace. Despite the myriad benefits...

Understanding Diversity

Understanding Diversity Assignment Student’s Name Institution The one or two areas regarding understanding or managing diversity in which I am most strong are: I have developed the understanding that significant differences exist across diversities and learning to respect them. I have been able to appreciate the existence of diversity through accepting the culture of other people (Janasz et al., 2015). I have also learned to accord equal treatment to people regardless of their cultural diversity. In such context, I have been able to maintain normal relationships with diverse friends and colleagues. The one or two areas of understanding or managing diversity in which I need more improvement...

Get to Know Your Faculty Paper

Name Instructor Course Date Abstract This paper notes a summary of an investigation of a faculty member’s area of research. The faculty member chosen for this paper is Associate Professor John W. Haas. Professor Haas teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. His areas of specialization include research methods, organizational, and interpersonal communication. Distinguished journals such as Journalism Quarterly, Management Communication Quarterly, and American Behavioral Scientist have published his works. Besides teaching and writing, Haas has also undertaken other duties related to investigation. As an investigator, he has served several US agencies such as the departments of...

Humor and Persuasion

Humor and Persuasion Name Institution Affiliation Humor plays a very integral part in the persuasion of an individual, especially in an advert. For instance, it is used to attract a consumer of a given product who has a negative attitude towards a model or a brand of that particular product. After the attraction of a consumer, it becomes easy to convince the consumer of the reasons why the brand that is being advertised is different from that which s/he has a negative experience about. The fact that humor attracts buyers, it results in the high sale being experienced on the good that is being advertised. Secondly, humor is used to change the attitude of the buyers (Cline & Kellaris, 1999)....

Journey into self-awareness

Name Professor Course Date Journey into Self-Awareness “Self-awareness is knowing your motivations, preferences, and personality and understanding how these factors influence your judgment, decisions, and interactions with other people." (Janasz et al. 5).” This translates to the ability to be realistic about our strengths and weaknesses and the situations that surround us. It is through this awareness that we can respect other people’s opinions and identify the areas where credibility is required. From the example in Chapter 1, Marjorie is able to identify the individual strengths and weaknesses of her team when it gets to the decision making part of the project. This prompts her to...