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Eye in the Sky Review

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Eye in the Sky Review

Category: Book Report

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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4 December 2015
“Eye in the Sky” Review
The title of the book plainly means there is an eye that watches from the sky. It talks about the main character; Jack Hamilton, his wife and six other main characters. These eight, following an accident in the laboratory, are plunged into the world where their science cannot comprehend. The team struggles to find a way back to the world as they had known it, but every gain made suddenly vanishes. The paper herein traces the theme of the work from the various changes that the main characters go through.
In the book, a group of eight tourists on a regular tour of a laboratory plunge sixty feet via a beam of charged particles. All eight survive and wake up together in a hospital and soon realize that the world around them has changed. Hamilton tries to understand what is going on, but every time he gets a grip of an idea, the situation changes and he has to start afresh. He attempts to go to work, but the job description keeps on changing. The other characters keep reappearing with changed personalities. It is like some supreme being, way beyond Hamilton and his team’s understanding is interfering with the daily events involving the eight. Its title “Eye in the Sky,” in itself suggests that the author is relating the events from the book to the availability of an ever-present eye from the sky. The eye in the sky always seems to be a step ahead of Hamilton; every time he thinks he has figu…

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