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15th November, 2015
Ethical-Decision Making
Ethical-Decision making is an important aspect that helps to drive the performance of an individual/s and safeguard the interests and credibility of other individuals contributing towards a unified cause. Whether it is in business or academics ethical-decision making process is highly crucial and challenging. It tests the ultimate composure and the determination of an individual’s integrity, loyalty and on-job ethics. Ethical-Decision making helps in optimizing the performance of a team task and makes a team or an individual oriented towards the holistic benefit of the institution (Rosenbaum 237-257).
The individual in whom the responsibility of ethical decision is endowed must ensure leadership qualities and encourage communication to understand the issues of non-performance or under-performance before taking any harsh steps towards a peer or an employee. Thus, ethical-decision making process should not only aim to improve the performance of a task but must also ensure that the dignity and self-respect of the individual/s should not be eroded under any situation (Stadler 1-10).
As a common saying “Pick up the Slack” , ethical-decision making process works on the principle of improving the working abilities of an individual who is either not performing or under-performing in spite of having the requisite skills and qualificati…

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