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Environmental Problems Caused by the Overconsumption of Meat

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Environmental Problems Caused by the Overconsumption of Meat
Brown, Paul and Linda D. Cameron. “What can be done to reduce overconsumption?” Ecological Economics 32 (2000): 27-41. Document.
Summary: Brown ad Linda look at the problem of overconsumption from an individual standpoint, presenting the challenges encountered in the identification of overconsumption and techniques to be applied to reduce the trend. The authors use present literature review to point out important issues that need further empirical research and acknowledge the significant that environmentalists, economists, and other disciplines can make to contribute to a reduction in the consumption of meat.
Evaluation: The authors critically discuss the issues they deem to be key in decreasing the consumption of meat. They also focus on providing assistance to researchers and health professionals in coming up with effective intervention techniques to meet their goals.
Reflection: I will benefit remarkably from using this source to identify the relationship between overconsumption of meat and the techniques that can be adopted to reduce the trend. Specifically, I will rely extensively on this source in the Discussion part to look at the productive techniques and those that are not.
Halden, Rolf U. and Kellogg J. Schwab. “Environmental Impact of Industrial Farm Animal Production.” 2008. Document. <http://www.ncifap.org/_images/212-4_envimpact_tc_final.pdf&…

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