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Environmental Law and Ethics

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Environmental Law and Ethics

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Environmental Law and Ethics in Manufacturing Business
Environmental Law and Ethics in Manufacturing Business
In the recent times, pollution has become one of the most common factors that have marred the environment. This is mostly after factories have released their waste products into the environment and thus contaminating the medium of transmission, i.e., air pollution and water pollution. In many cases, the companies’ ignorance has led to the contamination of water or air and thus bringing sickness to those who live near the factories. Moreover, the wastes produced directly impact the natural ecosystem and the living things that live in the vicinity (Pollution from factories, 2015).
Case Study
In light of this, different administrative agencies have been created by the U.S Congress, Federal Constitution and state legislatures to deal with these issues. One of the regulatory compliance agencies is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA regulates industrial, household, hazardous and manufacturing solid wastes under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The primary function of RCRA’s is to protect the citizens from waste disposal, conserve natural resources and energy, eliminate or reduce waste and clean up waste that has either spilled or has been mishandled. Therefore, considering the scenario of the marine pain manufacturing plant, this is the agency that deals with the manufacture’s compliance. This is because i…

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