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Employment Retention Committee

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Employment Retention Committee

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Health

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Employee Retention Committee: National Hospital Case Study
Critique: Occurrences and Omissions that Indicate Faulty Practice• The chairperson of the committee did not use the appropriate and official means of communication to call for a meeting. He used oral means to communicate the message; this is wrong because the communication can be forgotten easily, just like Alice forgot. The appropriate way of communicating would be the use of a Memo.
• There was poor planning of the committee meeting; the timing of the meeting, as well as the selection of the venue, was done poorly. Dave even complained that the office was too small for them to fit. When members meet they should plan for the next meeting before they live, this way nobody will be
• There is general laxity in the way the committee members handle their duties, from the chairperson to the individual members. The members do not keep time. The chairperson wanted to start discussing a report that the members had not seen yet. Roberts say, “Who cares” and wants the committee just to move on to new things. Dawson’s concern is the time the meeting will end so that he attends to other issues. As the meeting proceeds, individuals start excusing themselves before the meeting ends. The members should respect the meetings.
The composition of the members of the employee retention committee is very poor. The members are not up to the task required of them. The structu…

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