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The Perspectives of Today’s Education
Using what we have learned in the course, we intend to write an essay on the perspectives of today’s education. For instance, we aim to use Richard Rodriguez insights regarding culture; and cultural education; Freire’s concepts of education, and Carson’s prose, laced with other sources, to create an idea of what is education today. To introduce our work, we shall explain our specific position on the theme, and speak how those essays relate to modern issues. Then, we shall discuss how those essays offer us some perspectives on today’s education. Last, we aim to offer a picture on how those essays can be used in teaching.
Richard Rodriguez, and the Multicultural Education. In “The Achievement of Desire” of Richard Rodriguez is a story within a story. The author uses a literary device to separate himself from the person depicted in the story. At the beginning of the story, he sees in the eyes of a fourteen-year-old girl the young student he once was. The girl’s eyes shining with ambition, the attentive ears, listening to every word. He, as the girl, used to be the only person attentive in his classroom. After that reflection, he starts his story. Rodriguez was born in a Mexican family, a family that remained closely tied to their Mexican heritage. On the other hand, Richard’s ambition regarding learning separated him from his roots. His parent’s language…

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