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Ecology revised

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Ecology revised

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China continues to face a deep ecological crisis as the levels of pollution in the country continue to rise tremendously. The pollution crisis in the country occurs in the situation affecting the Huai River. Currently, the river’s water is unfit for industrial use and furthermore cannot be used for human and animal consumption (Chandler, 2014). There is a high level of polluted water, and the crisis has triggered a response from the Chinese government who are working hard to put up measures to curb the situation. China has limited water resources, and furthermore the water resources are facing serious depletion if the situation is to continue as it is. The nation’s river basins continue to be the two most troubled regions in the entire area.
The ecological crises affecting China and the deterioration of the environment have brought much pressure on the Chinese government to curb the situation, and there have been calls to revise the economic development that the nation claims to have. The current situation is in the dire situation as the water resources are unfit for consumption as the water is unfit for consumption as well as industrial and agricultural use (Jing, 2015).Furthermore, it cannot be given to animals for consumption because it is a risk factor and may cause serious complications to these domestic animals. This major ecological crisis has led to the deterioration of the environment, and it is in doubt whether there are immediate answers to the solution.
There have been some factors that handle the situation facing China’s ecology, and these include such things as the Gross Domestic Product of China that continues to grow at a rapid rate. The development has led to China abandoning its economic plans and opening up to the worldwide capitalistic market, and such factors as industrialization have continued to cause the nation to consider revising its policies concerning its economic projects. The environment has begun feeling the toll of the Chinese people and the outburst of the population and the effects of the current economic growth spurt, and, therefore, these issues have become of concern to the nation. The ecological questions that continue to face China are a direct effect of economic development and migration of the people on a large scale. These issues continue to haunt the nation as it seeks answers to the issues that it continually faces.
Another issue affecting China is the high level of flooding that occurs in the country’s main rivers, which continues to cause the spread of desertification. Water shortages have increased because of this issue, and the effects of the situation continue to be felt. The forests are also affected by the rate of trees continues to decrease drastically, and this continues to cause major issues in the ecology of the nation (Mahadevan&Tuan,2013).The ever growing human population continues to cause a major strain on the ecological system as it causes a major strain on the natural resources. The land that was once fertile is now not suitable for agriculture as the soil quality has been severely affected by the ecological situation, and this has caused major strain on the nation economically. The nation ahs a gigantic population that is occupying the land and this has led to continuous pollution and environmental degradation as the soil continues to erode.
The economic reforms in China have shifted the focus of economic growth on market forces and integration into the global economic structure (Chandler, 2014). The ecological crisis in China has affected the market-oriented approach that could help to solve the environmental crisis affecting China. A viable solution to the situation affecting China could be a change in the mindset of the economic and social strategies, which could lead to the democratization of the nation’s political structure. A technocratic approach to globalization would also help the country to help to bring a solution to these ecological issues. By using such platforms, these ecological issues would be brought to the forefront, and viable solutions would occur to help deal with the issues at hand.
During the United Nations conferences that focus on the environment, the delegates from China continue to insist that there should be international concern over Chinese pollution and the degradation of the environment, They furthermore claim that other nations have devised a plan in order to keep the third world countries dependent on the developed countries (Jing,2015).China continues to raise concerns over the fact that these environmental degradation is a major problem that is facing many nations including China. There is growing public awareness of the ecological crisis facing China, and there are calls for the nation to engage in action and change the ecological condition facing China.
The Chinese culture is continually changing as the Chinese are increasingly becoming concerned about the environment. The environmental crisis facing China has called for serious economic concerns the nation frequently feels the effect of the ecological crisis. For a long time, the Chinese ecological problems have remained unchecked and unresolved. It has reached catastrophic proportions as the socialist and capitalistic elitist population has been for long the beneficiaries of economic growth (Chandler, 2014).Therefore, the ordinary citizens for long have not been able to hold these people accountable for the situation. Therefore, this has led to the rise of environmental interest groups whose purpose is to keep the government in check concerning ecological issues affecting the nation. The rise of environmental activism has helped to bring the ecological situation in China into the limelight. These movements continue to hold the political figures accountable for the ecological situation affecting the nation.
The ecological future of the nation remains unpredictable, as there are a few predictable scenarios to the situation. One possible scenario is continued ecological degradation, which would hinder economic development in the nation due to irreversible ecological damage. Another potential scenario for the situation would be the rising consciousness of the nation concerning ecological issues (Jing, 2015). Such a scenario would enable local environmental initiatives to help transform the country’s environment and help curb such issues as pollution. Such a scenario would see the nation improve the ecological situation, as these environmental initiatives would be of much success to the nation.
Nevertheless, if the current situation remains as it is in status quo, then the ecological crisis would deepen. One major that China continues to face is the need to improve the living conditions of its citizens. Such issues have caused the national leaders to reconsider the nation’s environmental situation; that would enable the nation to deal with the ecological crisis(Mahadevan&Tun,2013).The nation continues to make enormous efforts in solving all its environmental issues to help to improve the situation. Perpetrators who may participate in pollution receive fines to make them realize the extent of their actions. Such initiatives as these contribute to raising social awareness in China concerning the need to participate in environmental awareness efforts. The nation is on the road to improvement as the nation continues to improve the ecological structure.
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