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Environmental Issues and the Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution and the Environment Name Tutor Course Date Industrial Revolution and the Environment Introduction Since the 19th Century, human beings have experienced a period of rapid industrialization. This was caused by the discovery of new ways of production, exploration of minerals, wars and conflicts, population growth and many other reasons. Industrialization was one of the positive steps taken to enable a country amass wealth. However, industrialization has its negative impacts on people’s lives. The environment is the most affected part of human life. Whenever the environment is not protected and maintained, the human beings, plants, and animals are bound to suffer. Due to...

Energy examination

South Akron’s Source of Energy Student’s Name: Institution: South Akron’s Source of Energy Primary Types of Energy in South Akron The primary types of energy that powers my home in South Akron, Ohio, include electricity (mainly from coal), natural gas and nuclear energy (Ohio PUCO, 2018). These energy sources are nonrenewable; they get depleted with time. Nonrenewable sources are found occurring naturally in the earth's surface though they take a long time to form, which explains why their supply is limited. The primary types of energy in South Akron are nonrenewable, though renewable energy such as hydropower, geothermal energy, biomass energy and wind energy also power homes in the...

Drinking Water Pollution

Drinking Water Pollution in Los Angeles INTRODUCTION Since the dawn of the world, water has been the most important resource for human development. Not only because of its use in human sustenance but for the industrial use that throughout the years has spiked its current amount of pollution and associated problems. In a state as dry as California is, water management can take a titanic effort. Likewise, with the number of population currently living in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, keeping drinking water drinkable, and avoiding further pollution of the available resources is an essential part of maintaining the city’s infrastructure together. California water systems serve...

Writer’s choic Examining Your Community’s Source of Energye

Use of Renewable Resources Rather That Non-Renewable Resources Student's name Institutions name Introduction The use of renewable and non-renewable resources is a subject that is open to discussion all over the world. There are so many questions raised as to why people have not adapted the use of renewable resources in the provision of energy requirements. The continued use of non-renewable resources is dangerous to the future generations. Various communities should be encouraged to change their norms and start to use renewable resources that are naturally regenerated to safeguard the future. Fossil-based fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal are currently the largest provider of the world's...

Reflection on the Paris Climate Conference 2015

Reflection on the Paris Climate Conference 2015 Introduction President Obama lauded the milestone climate change-pact that was approved in Paris, and he declared that it was the decisive moment for climate change in the world. The agreement in Paris established the long-term outline of the world's desire to solve the pertinent climate crisis, in an address delivered from the White House. President Obama reiterated the commitment of the United States in making an investment in reducing carbon emissions and the production of clean energy. The United States increased wind power and solar power by threefold and twentyfold respectively, and more investments in energy efficiencies in every means possible....

Pattern of Atmospheric Circulation and Heating

Pattern of Atmospheric Circulation and Heating Author’s Name Institution The global phenomenon of the atmospheric pattern of atmospheric circulation and heating can be superlatively analyzed as the flow of air on the earth surface because of the unequal heating that takes place on the earth surface and the changing forms of precipitation. It should be evident that the phenomenon of global circulation of atmospheric air turns the cold air mass in the high latitude areas towards the low latitude regions. Additionally, the phenomenon also shifts the warm air that emanates from the low latitude areas towards the direction of high latitude areas. As depicted by Spooner (2012) this factor arises...

Ecology revised

Ecology Name Course Ecology China continues to face a deep ecological crisis as the levels of pollution in the country continue to rise tremendously. The pollution crisis in the country occurs in the situation affecting the Huai River. Currently, the river’s water is unfit for industrial use and furthermore cannot be used for human and animal consumption (Chandler, 2014). There is a high level of polluted water, and the crisis has triggered a response from the Chinese government who are working hard to put up measures to curb the situation. China has limited water resources, and furthermore the water resources are facing serious depletion if the situation is to...