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Discuss James Joyce ‘ political views and how they were represented in his works

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James Joyce’s Political Views
In this essay, we shall discuss the political views of James Joyce, and how they were presented in his books. However, before entering into the subject, we shall discuss briefly the writer’s biography; historical background, and circumstances surrounding him at the time he was actively writing. We would love to do a complete picture of Joyce’s political thought on his books, but since we do not have much space, we shall show the writer’s political views in two books, Ulysses; Dubliners, and Finnegan’s Wake.
James Joyce Biography. James Joyce was born in 1882 in Dublin, Ireland. If we look closely at Joyce’s writing, we shall see that Dublin is predominantly featured in his writing. The writer considered that by placing his works in an urban setting, he might be able to transpose his experiences to a universal audience. When James was a child, his father became a tax collector, which allowed his family to live more comfortably. Sadly, he lost his job a few years later, and the family became impoverished (European Graduate School 1). Since he was a child, Joyce studied French, Italian, and English. His first piece of writing was a poem called “Et Tu Healy” which he wrote at the age of 9. The poem represented his father’s anger over the failure to obtain the Irish Home Rule. In his youth, Joyce lived in Dublin, where he developed his literary talent. It is…

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