Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Essay
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Ancient Chinese Technology Persuasive Essay (Printing)

Brigid GibbonsPersuasive EssayMs. HampeJanuary 19, 2018 Ancient Chinese Technology Persuasive Essay (Printing) The world today credits early China not only for its natural endowments but also for its mind-bonging inventions that been instrumental in shaping today’s world. Arguably, the Chinese culture created a leeway for the civilization by fostering discoveries like mathematics, solar wind, natural disease diagnosis, seismography, just to mention a few. The most exquisite of them all, however, was gunpowder, developed ‘In the T'ang dynasty accidentally in an attempt to make the elixir of life, to make the emperor immortal’ (crystal links 1). The Alchemist drew ideas from the ignition...

Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony’s Quakerism and its Importance in the Feminist Narrative The word feminist as known by the mass media, and the general population carries a myriad of connotations and a series of perceived stigmas that mark feminism as “dangerous” or “controversial” (Offen, 1988). In the same light, mass media has portrayed women’s rights movements as problematic, and that notion continues to exist today, difficulting any investigation on women and their history. Hence, achieving a “complete” definition of feminism would be an endeavor longer than the pages available. Consequently, this investigation will use the most accurate definition on hand, taking for valid the...

below in paper inst

Students Name Professor Subject 25th October, 2015. Below In Paper Why does a lack of socialization cause problems in a community? Answer: Socialization is the process through which individuals become a responsible member of the civic society. Such process helps to build the societal norms and expectations of other individuals of a specific society. It helps to inculcate the societal beliefs, norms, values and points of common interest, which benefits a society. Socialization is a learned process and individuals can only exhibit proper societal behavior through appropriate social interactions. There are various...

what are the types of prisons

Types of Prisons Student’s name University Affiliation Types of prisons Introduction Prisons are operated by the state and the federal government. It is a concurrent power under the country’s constitution. The main punishment for the commission of felony offenses is imprisonment. People convicted of misdemeanor offenses and less serious offenders may be sentenced to a short term in local jails, probation, community corrections or restitution. Prisons are operated at various levels of security. It ranges from minimum security prisons to Supermax facilities. The United States has the highest number of people behind bars than any other country in the world, followed by China. Different...

least favorite civil right and civil liberty and why?

Student Professor Course level Date My Least favorite civil right and civil liberty and the reason Civil rights could be identified as the rights of all persons for equal treatment despite their race, color, ethnicity or gender. Civil liberties are stated in the constitution or have been declared by court or arms of the law and includes the freedoms and rights, a citizen enjoys. The least civil liberties according to my opinion are the freedom of speech. This freedom allows persons to express themselves without fear and censorship. This freedom is annoying for it permits people to pose very harsh opinion and uses the civil right to air it carelessly. They hurt others emotionally, for...

Create a handout answering the questions listed.

Cor Pulmonale Name Institutional Affiliation Cor Pulmonale Chronic lung diseases that lead to Cor Pulmonale Chronic lung diseases and disorders that cause an acute shortage of oxygen in the blood can lead to Cor Pulmonale (Emmanuel, 2003). Some of these chronic lung diseases may include cystic fibrosis, obstructive sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and chronic blood clots, especially in the lungs. Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition characterized by pauses in breathing due to inflammation of the air cavities in the respiratory system. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease refers to a lung condition associated with difficulty to exhale normally, that causes a...

An detailed analysis of The Arrival of the Bee Box : by Sylvia Plath

The arrival of the bee box analysis The poem “The Arrival of the Bee Box” was written by Sylvia Plath in the year 1962. The poem has seven stanzas that are made of five lines each and an extra line at the end. The author uses the poem to express his frustration about life. The poem uses short lines and the word “I” is recurrent in each stanza. The poem has no repetitive rhyme or metre, but the poem uses metaphors, similes, rhyme and allusion. Let us now look at a detailed analysis of each stanza and line. The first stanza starts with the line ‘I ordered this, clean wood box’ and goes use other very interesting words in the subsequent lines like the coffin, the midget that could be...