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public dental health

public dental health
Oral health has since time immemorial been used to detect and suspect the general health of the body. However, this practice has been on the rise. Indeed, it is used as a reflection of one’s body health at the time. It is discovered that the teeth develop cavities, and there are oral infections in the mouth, it is clear that cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and other health-related conditions could be on the rise. One most acute health problem during childhood is the presence of dental cavities. This should raise an alarm over the health of a child. In America for instance, 78% of the children aged 17 developed cavities while about 7% permanently lost their tooth. On the same note, 69% of the adults have lost at least a tooth by the time they are 44. This ideally accounts for 69% of the adults. Well, even though visiting a dentist could solve or reduce the problems to manageable levels, most American cannot fund their treatment of dental problems on their own. It, therefore, means they stay with the problems still in them and finally lost their tooth. This would consequently decrease their life span.
One thing that is so unfortunate is that, in the United Stated of America, the cost of dental care is many ways too expensive for the dental patients to afford. Besides, Public programs meant to enlighten and solve dental related problems are very rare. Consequently, over 108 million can never access dental health care. They cannot even get dental insurance raising the cost of dental care of a family to about $800 in one year. This is too expensive for low-income earners who coincidentally are the major sufferers of the dental problems not overruling the high-income earners, though. It is, therefore, recommended that the policy of dental care in America must change to enable more people to access the medical care. The dental, medical cover is too hard to get thus with the policy change; many low-income earners will find it easy to access the cover. This will for once solve the looming problem in the world strongest Nation owing to 80% of those in need is low earners.
Literature Review
Even though there has been a tremendous improvement on how to deal with oral health in the past in the USA, oral disorders are still experienced. They are still the cause of alarm. A report released in the year 2000 pushed for the fight against oral diseases terming it a killer. It was realized that oral health was very important and later on if not improved was going to inflict a lot of pain not only to the USA citizens but also to the economy of the USA. The fact that dental diseases were a problem in the USA was however not ruled out. The general oral cavity was incorporated in the treatment of the oral problems to cut out the possibility of a possible re-infection of the mouth. This would act as a preventive mechanism of the diseases which could arise later on. The dental healthcare givers should ensure they diagnose the entire mouth and insist on overall mouth care to help prevent potential diseases. A policy should be made in the healthcare industry to help implement the Oral report of the year 2000.

Importance of Oral Health
Studies show that the increased level of fluoride has led to increased rates of caries among those who consumed the waters. This discovery was made in 1944. Later on in the 1950s it was realized that bacteria in the mouth caused gingivitis and even caries. This made it easy to discover the treatment. Ironically the fluorides could be used to eradicate the bacteria. This has led to important medical discoveries in the world. America spread of caries among the people is said to b due to diet and even genetic disorders. As stated before, the change in policy would bring a great relief to America as such.
The USA currently faces two challenges in her dental care sector. The challenges have immensely led to the problems faced by the dental patients in currently in the country. One challenge is the lack of enough insurance availability. The possibility of one getting dental care highly depends on whether the individuals have the insurance or not. However, being that they are limited then only a few get healthcares. Besides, accessing public funds is a night mayor to many individuals. Those who suffer greatly are the low-income earners. The disparity observed in the general usage of the public funds is uncalled for. This means that the people will keep losing their teeth as long as the policy is not changed. The two methods suggested to solve the problem experienced in the USA both are expected to ease the access to dental care. It is, therefore, worth noting that if the America clears the disparity then the accessible to health care will be managed.

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American Dental Association.

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