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Design and Eval

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Design and Eval

Category: Case Study

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Relating Training Objectives, Methods, and Evaluation
Form 3.1
Responses to Training Methods
Training objectives
Training method Knowledge acquisition Attitude Change Problem- solving skills Interpersonal skills Participant acceptance Knowledge retention
Information processing
Lecture (with questions) x Conference (discussion) x x Sensitivity training x Laboratory training Observation x Closed-circuit TV Programmed instruction x Correspondence courses Videos x
Reading lists Simulation:
Cases x Incidents x Role Playing x x
Business games x In-basket exercises x On-the-job:
Job rotation Committee assignments x x On-the-job coaching x x
Feedback from performance appraisal x x apprenticeships x x x
Occupational Group: Executives and Middle Managers Training Need: Performance appraisal techniques
Form 3.2:
Relationship between training objectives and training methods
Training Objectives Training Methods Evaluation Methods
1 Participant acceptance 1 Feedback from performance appraisal 1 Participant reaction
2. Attitude Change 2. Programmed instruction 2. Behavioral change
3. Interpersonal skills 3. Role Playing 3. Learning
Determining Appropriate Training Method
Most organizations need more training on the way in which they can appraise their employees. Employees’ appraisal is the deliberate process organization management takes to reward the best-performing employees’ in an organization using a fair reward system. The rewarding of the employees should be a public affair so as to motivate the other employees who are not awarded to work harder for the award in the subsequent appraisals (Wood 31).
For an effective appraisal, the most appropriate training objective is employee acceptance. For reward scheme to be effective, the receiving employee and the other employee must all accept the system, and see it as the non-biased system, open to competitive efforts. As a result, they easily participate. Getting their feedback on their feelings about the reward scheme is thus the most appropriate training method.
Choice of Evaluation Method
Behavioral change is the most effective and relevant training evaluation methods for an organization that seeks to achieve attitudinal change among its employees through programmed instruction. The choice is based on the close relevance between how people behave at work that also signifies their attitude towards the work that they are doing. A person with errant and negative behavior at work most likely depicts the negative attitude they have towards the work itself. Similarly, people with a positive attitude towards their work, simply show their positivity towards their work. All these are possible to achieve when the employees are subjected to a set of programmed instructions. The only problem with the behavioral method is that people may change their behavior to reflect the prize, even if their behavior is not innate.
Appropriate Training Method
The most effective training method in most cases, and in my case, would be role playing. The fact that role playing gives every learner the opportunity to participate in the learning process and help in setting the simple, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely learning objectives makes the method most appropriate (Wood 110). Moreover, it allows the learners to participate actively in the learning process. Thus, it is useful in developing active learning, as opposed to lectures that only requires passive learning. The psychomotor involvement of the learner is the core concept in the development of an effective learning scheme.

Work Cited
BIBLIOGRAPHY l 1033 Wood, A. A Comprehensive Library Staff Training Programme in the Information Age. Oxford: Chandos Publishing Limited, 2007. Print

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