Nutrition and Diet

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Nutrition and Diet
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Vegetarianism / Veganism

Vegetarianism / Veganism The concepts of vegetarianism and veganism are closely related. Vegetarianism defines abstinence from taking meat and some by-products of slaughtered animals. People choose this practice for various reasons. Individuals who practice vegetarianism are called vegetarians. On the other hand, veganism entails strict abstinence from using animal products and also rejecting the use of animals as a commodity (Craig 1627). Vegans aim at conserving the dignity of animals, and they do not accept that humans should use animals in whichever way for their selfish gains. This paper evaluates various aspects surrounding veganism and vegetarianism. Comparison Between Veganism and...

One Day menu and nutritional analysis for disease states

Name Instructor Course Date One Day Menu and Nutritional Analysis for Disease States For a 25-year-old woman at 5ft 5 inches, the ideal weight should range from 97 to 127 pounds with a Body Mass Index between 18.5 and 24.9. The patient who has 140 pounds has a Body Mass Index of 27.5, therefore, is an overweight person. Most of the foods to be consumed should be less in fats, sodium, and calories. They should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and lean proteins like fish. menu diabetic DASH Low-Calorie High-Calorie Low sodium Apples Avocados 4oz Cranberries Spinach Kales Sardines Mackerel The foods need to be rich in antioxidants, fiber, and minerals and vitamins. For...

Product Specification Assignment

Name InstructorCourse Date Product Specification Assignment The product which will be used in New York hospital in lower Manhattan, 400 beds in cafeteria and patientsโ€™ meals will require specifications. These specifications need to be created for every component used in the in-process, raw materials, packaged goods and finished products. All these specifications ensure that the product acquired is of high quality. But to achieve superiority, it is essential to address items yield, quality level, packaging, size, count, grade, temperature or dispensation requirements, inspection, and shipping methods. Incomplete or imperfect product specifications may lead to delivery of inferior products...

Accreditation of health care providers

Accreditation of health care providers in the United States Studentโ€™s Name Institutional Affiliation Being a privately-owned skilled nursing facility, we provide residential care to clients who need incessant nursing care and who have considerable hardships dealing with the requisite daily activities as defined by either a social worker or a nursing facility provider. Following the present regulations in the nursing industry, as well as government directives, such organizations should be accredited by recognized bodies to ensure patient safety and improve the standards of care (Certification & Compliance - Nursing Homes, 2015). There are two primary recognized bodies that are tasked...

My Health Information Management Clinical Experience

Student Professor Course level Date My Health Information Management Clinical Experience Personal health information management (PHIM) are the activities that promote accessing, integration, organization, and use of their personal health information. Some of the activities in PHIM include monitoring and time to time health assessment, and health-related decision making, planning for intervention or a precautionary measure, and action for the decision settled upon. All the activities for personal health information management are directed towards, better health by combating diseases before they occur or in case they occur with someone being unaware. Personal health information can be used...

Nutrition conspectus

NUTRITION CONSPTECUS: Name: Institution: There is no single high level of exercise that can help if you keep feeding yourself with food considered to be crap. This is a very big problem that I had for quite a very long time. I loved each and every type of food. Whenever I had a feeling that certain type of food tasted good, I would eat a lot of it. There is no way someone would eat so much food and then experience weight loss even after doing exercises. When it comes to eating smart, it does not necessarily mean eliminating every food that you eat. However, it is all about being aware of the types of food you eat. For my case, I had to do a track down of the calories. Now I necessarily do not...

The Health Benefits of Sprouted Grains

BENEFITS OF SPROUTED GRAIN By Studentโ€™s Name University Affiliation Abstract Total of the medicinal and nutritive boon of sprouts are acquired from their extraordinary organic compounds content, mineral as well as vitamins. Sprouts comprise a noteworthy quantity of dietary fiber and protein, in addition to riboflavin, folate, vitamin K, niacin, vitamin C and vitamin A, thiamin as well as pantothenic acid. In regard to minerals, shoots encompass calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, and zinc. Several of these element nutrients escalate intensely as the sprout lingers to advance. Sideways with entire of those constituents, they are similarlyhealth and basis of crucial enzymes for...

Alkaline water, fact or myth

NAME: INSTRUCTOR: COURSE: DATE: ALKALINE WATER INTRODUCTION The growth of the internet and increase in the number of literate people has seen a widespread change in the marketing tactics employed by companies. Social media, for example, has become one of the most used platforms by marketing agents in an attempt to boost their sales. The use of grapevines in social media is largely supported by the high number of people who rely on the platforms to get updates on what is trending in the world. Some of these grapevines may provide useful information, but most of them support unconfirmed myths that are often misconceived as truths. Marketing agents also have developed a trend of highlighting...

Efficacy of the ketogenic diet as the treatment for epilepsy

Literature Review Report Efficacy of Ketogenic Diet as a Treatment for Epilepsy Name of the Student University Efficacy of Ketogenic Diet as a Treatment for Epilepsy 1. Literature Review 1.1. Background Anticonvulsant medications do not provide adequate cure in many patients with epilepsy. This is because either these drugs are not effective in controlling seizures or might lead to poor toleration profiles. One form of nutritional therapy called the "ketogenic diet," has been associated with management of such epileptic cases1. The diet is used as an adjunct to the pharmacological interventions for controlling the episodes of seizure. The ketogenic diet is a high fat-low...