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Death of a salesman What Drives Willy Loman and sons

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Death of a salesman What Drives Willy Loman and sons

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Death of a Salesman
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Death of a Salesman
It is at requiem mass to celebrate the life of Willy who had committed suicide. The wife is bemused by the fact that only Willy’s family and two other friends are the only one to turn up for his burial despite the fact that he had many close business associates. Willy committed suicide after all the dreams he had failed and landed into a heavy debt. His wife is however not bemused by the fact that he committed suicide just as they had gotten out of the debt he owed. Biff, Will’s son recollects how his father always seemed happier while working at the house than when he was working as a salesman (Murphy, 1995). He also claims that his father had the wrong dreams and that he did not know who he was. It is however a controversial statement given that his dad tried working hard towards his dreams. Most of his perceived investments did not succeed but he still didn’t give up (Miller, 1994). Earlier, Willy had noted that his dad was working really hard but never got any results and he should have quit.
Willy’s dilemma was ton how to have his business of being a salesman succeeds. Willy had always hoped that his son Biffy would be successful with the insurance money (Raw, 2011). Willy had his own American dream which he wanted to achieve and had hoped his sons would succeed. Willy’s main problem is that he has so much belief in the American dream that he fails to restructure his playing …

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