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Death is the best way to have people see eye to eye.

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Death is the best way to have people see eye to eye
Death is simply the termination of life (Grey 1). The death of human beings has always been received with sadness; this is because of the breakage of the family bonds, relationships, or simply the affection with the deceased. Death is equivalent to passing on, passing away, gone or simply expired. According to the scientific approach, death has been described as the cessation of the brain activity, and this makes the margin between death and life challenging since clear conceptual lines have to be drawn to determine whether death has happened.
There are many causes of death ranging from suicide, homicide, sickness, depression, heart failure, accidents, among other factors. Revenge, on the other hand, is doing a harmful action to someone in response to a certain grievance. In other words, it’s an outlawed practice, since justice should only come from the binding law. Those who revenge feel that part of their power has been lost in one way or another and, therefore, need to restore it (Aaron 49).
Revenge has existed over a long period. Ancient tales, historical events and even the contemporary society still hold a large share of vengeance.
The eye to eye phenomenon
This is also known as the law of retaliation. In this case, the one who caused the injury should as well be penalized in a similar way. In other words, it can be perceived as a way of compensation. Be…

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