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Data analysis on fertility rate in singapore

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Data analysis on fertility rate in singapore

Category: Autobiography Essay

Subcategory: Statistics

Level: Academic

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Assessment of Fertility Rates in Singaporean Population
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Assessment of Fertility Rates in Singaporean Population
Fertility rate or total fertility rate is defined as the number of children, which would be born to a woman over her entire lifetime (Norwood, 2009). Population explosion is one of the important concerns in Asian and Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore (Douglas & Richard, 2007). The increased population may have a negative impact on the economic profile of various countries (Audrey, 1985). It will decrease the per capita GDP and may lead to issues like unemployment. Therefore, increased fertility rate is a global concern and Singapore is no exception to such phenomenon. With the increased awareness of family planning and birth control devices and procedures, fertility rates may be minimized (Espenshade, Guzman, & Westoff, 2013). However, it is important that the live births that occur in a nation must be nurtured and reared for a safe health, away from morbidity and mortality. Crude birth is the number of live births per 1000 individuals, and decrease in live births will decrease the population growth. In this present study the trend analysis of fertility and population statistics was undertaken. This was done to evaluate whether there has been a decrease in the population or fertility over a span from 1970 to 2014.
Demographical data and vital statistics were col…

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