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CSI Episode Analysis

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CSI Episode Analysis

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CSI episode analysis

Crime scene investigation commonly known as CSI is an American television series drama. Its genre is mystery and drama. The television series is created by Anthony E. Zuiker and is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI on CBS at CBS). The series has a number of casts some of which have featured in other television series. The United States of America is the origin of the drama and the original languages are English. Nonetheless, the television drama has fifteen (15) seasons and three hundred and thirty eight (338) episodes where one episode runs for about forty one (41) to forty five (45) minutes( CSI at TV guide). The original run was in October 6 200 to present (CSI at yahoo.tv). Some of the related shows are CSI Miami, CSI New York, and CSI Cyber.
This television drama is about forensic investigators who solve crimes by use of embellished science to follow evidence. A dedicated and driven crime scene investigator, Mac Taylor believes that everything is connected and everyone has a story. He is a domed marine who served in desert storm and fiddle in war photography. He completely put focus on cases until they are solved completely. Taylor’s partner is Stella who is a jack of all trades. She has a nonpareil desire to find answers for victims. Both lead a team of experts through the energetic city that never sleeps. The CSIs are guided by an adamant determination. They follow the evidence as they put clues together and remove doubt to climatically crack their cases.
Some of the actions taken by the actors in the series are non realistic and some are realistic. Some of the non realistic actions taken include, their crime scenes being too convenient. For instance, murder scenes in the drama are astonishingly convenient since they take the temperature of the liver to determine the time of death using the temperature of the liver, the CSIs find incredibly helpful and useful evidence disseminated on the scene of murder which rarely happens in real life cases (K Roeder, 2003). Fingerprints in the drama also come back to quick. The information is handed in almost immediately which on the other hand in real life is unrealistic. In real life fingerprints take close to two weeks to match because there are a lot of people and moving through all the fingerprints tend to take longer. Cases too in the drama involve too many investigators in solving crimes because they need more characters for the different story lines in the drama whereas in real life teams are much more smaller and things move slower. DNA comes back within seconds. The comparison of DNA in real life takes much longer than in the drama where matches will take much longer than a commercial break. Nonetheless, data that is returned in CSI is much more conclusive and is presumed to be right whereas in real life data is helpful but far from what they need to adjudge a person (K Roeder, 2003). However, not all scientific results bring about a result since sometimes things are too cryptic but not on CSI.
Some actions in CSI are however realistic despite a number of them being unrealistic. Some of these actions include, saving lives, convicting criminals, investigating crimes and criminals and real life murder mysteries. In the drama, saving people’s lives, for instance, innocent people who are caught up and injured in crime, is however realistic just like in real life cases. Saving critically injured persons in the drama can be termed as relevant (Bs, Gaut, 1993). A case where a victim suffers a bullet wound is treated in the same manner as in real life. This is by how the paramedics rush to the crime scene and try to save the life of the victims involved. The victims are attended to in the at most care by administering proper first aid. If a victim has multiple or single fractures or in the absence of both but have incurred injuries, they are carefully laid on a stretcher and lifted carefully to the ambulance and rushed to the nearest medical facility. However in the ambulance, if victims are unconscious, oxygen is administered to resuscitate the victim (Bs, Gaut, 1993). The paramedics perform several checkups to ensure the victim reaches a medical facility being less critical as they were before being attended to.
On reaching the hospital, the victims are quickly rushed to the emergency room. Here they are attended to by medical experts and proper medical attention and care is administered to the patients. The CSI deeply dig into investigating a criminal. The criminal is carefully asked questions concerning where he was during the time of crime and some other relevant questions that assist in solving mysterious crimes.
However, some of the unrealistic action if put in real life will have more relevance if they are performed realistically. For instance, the fingerprint matching process, if it is brought out in real life, the matching takes much longer than what is seen in the drama, (B Devina 2003). The prints take longer to match since there are many people in the system and hence deriving a print immediately is less possible and therefore this takes time which is close to two weeks.
DNA matching also takes a longer time in matching despite the fact that in the drama the DNA tests are handed in almost immediately. Experiment is carried out in the gene matching and they take a long time to completely show a match (Bs, Gaut, 1993). Scientists take close to three weeks to find a match in the sample taken in for DNA. The samples are thoroughly studied to avoid any miscalculations in the end result.
Therefore, as it is seen in the television drama, most of the actions taken by actors are nonrealistic. Perhaps the unrealistic actions are carried out to capture the attention of the viewers and hence the producers are able to sell more copies of the television series.

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