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CSI Episode Analysis

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CSI Episode Analysis

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CSI episode analysis

Crime scene investigation commonly known as CSI is an American television series drama. Its genre is mystery and drama. The television series is created by Anthony E. Zuiker and is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI on CBS at CBS). The series has a number of casts some of which have featured in other television series. The United States of America is the origin of the drama and the original languages are English. Nonetheless, the television drama has fifteen (15) seasons and three hundred and thirty eight (338) episodes where one episode runs for about forty one (41) to forty five (45) minutes( CSI at TV guide). The original run was in October 6 200 to present (CSI at yahoo.tv). Some of the related shows are CSI Miami, CSI New York, and CSI Cyber.
This television drama is about forensic investigators who solve crimes by use of embellished science to follow evidence. A dedicated and driven crime scene investigator, Mac Taylor believes that everything is connected and everyone has a story. He is a domed marine who served in desert storm and fiddle in war photography. He completely put focus on cases until they are solved completely. Taylor’s partner is Stella who is a jack of all trades. She has a nonpareil desire to find answers for victims. Both lead a team of experts through the energetic city that never sleeps. The CSIs are guided by an adamant determination. They follow the evidence as they put clues together and remove doubt t…

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