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Examine the two articles in The Economist October, 2013 pp. 19-25 on the problems of science. Explain what problems are spelled out, and describe the solutions suggested to address them.

Name of the Student Professor’s name Medical Sciences 5th November, 2015 Creative Writing: Article Critique The two articles published in “The Economist” October 2013, pp.19-25, reflected the issues regarding quality of research, and scientific experiments, carried out all across the globe. Since the development of modern science during the 17th century, there has been a revolution around the globe regarding technological advancements and clinical solutions (“How science goes wrong” 19-25). However, under the present circumstances it is also noted that scientists are not taking adequate measures to verify the outcomes of their...

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Anatomy & Physiology of Joints Name University Anatomy & Physiology of Joints 1. Synovial Joint Synovial joint or diarthrosis is the most common and movable joint in the body of a mammal. Such joints help to achieve rotational movements at the point of contact of articulating bones. The various structures that make up the synovial joints are: Synovial cavity: represents the space between the two articulating bones and is filled with a fluid called the synovial fluid. The fluid acts as a lubricant and reduces the friction between two articulating bones. Joint Capsule: It is a fibrous covering which is continuous with the periosteum of the articulating bones and surrounds...

CSI Episode Analysis

CSI episode analysis Name Institution Crime scene investigation commonly known as CSI is an American television series drama. Its genre is mystery and drama. The television series is created by Anthony E. Zuiker and is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI on CBS at CBS). The series has a number of casts some of which have featured in other television series. The United States of America is the origin of the drama and the original languages are English. Nonetheless, the television drama has fifteen (15) seasons and three hundred and thirty eight (338) episodes where one episode runs for about forty one (41) to forty five (45) minutes( CSI at TV guide). The original run was in October 6 200 to...

Neuron Electrical Activity

Neuron Electrical Activity Graph of the Change in Millivolts during the Event While the neuron is resting, it’s the resting potential that tells all the activities that take place in it. Once the neuron sends information via the axon away from the cell body, action potential now takes place. Therefore, it’s the depolarizing current that creates an explosion of neuron electrical activity that leads to an action potential. Also, it’s the event that forces the resting potential to move from its position towards 0 mV. The threshold is reached when depolarization reaches -55 mV and hence firing an action potential. The threshold is a most important level since no action potential can happen...

concept muscle

Name of the Student Professor’s Name Subject 14th November, 2015 Anatomical and Functional Features of Skeletal Muscle The smallest unit of contraction of skeletal muscle is called a muscle fiber. Various muscle fibers assemble to form muscle fasciculus. There are various connective tissues that cover these muscle parts. Each muscle fiber is enclosed in a connective tissue sheath called endomysium. The entire fasciculus is similarly covered by perimysium. The Epimysium is collagenous which extends from tendons and covers the entire skeletal muscle. The skeletal muscle is innervated by nerves that carry action potential to the muscles for initiating muscle contraction....

The discovery and development process of the Tamiflu

The Discovery and Development Process of the Tamiflu (R) ABSTRACT Every drug has its own life story that covers its entire journey from conception of an agent as a drug to its final use by a patient. This process is governed by extremely rigorous guidelines. Tamiflu or its generic form Oseltamivir is an anti viral drug used for treatment of and prophylaxis against Influenza A and B has had its own share of controversies and triumphs. It was hailed as a solution to the threat of influenza pandemic but its efficacy and safety profile is now being debated raising questions about the process of approval. Intellectual property and patent concerns also have to be addressed. Keywords: Tamiflu,...

Appeal Letter to Provost

Sender name(your name) Address Email address, and/or phone number Date of sending Recipient’s name Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Course (PHA 5165)  Recipient’s address Subject: Procedural error Dear ( Associate Provost), Abstract I am a student for doctor of pharmacy at Wayne University. I have been dismissed from the program for being seen by one of the faculty members in an exam room with my phone. I have given all the proof required to confirm I was not cheating on the exam. On the other hand, the chair approved my dismissal without...