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Crusaders and Saracens comparison

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Crusaders and Saracens Comparison
Saracen was a general term used extensively by later medieval era Christian writers for refer to Muslims. It should be emphasized that even though crusading was not exclusively responsible for the worsening of the relations between Islam and Christianity during the Middle Ages, it contributed substantially towards it (Manion 129). The Crusaders were Christian soldiers responsible for the Crusades, which were military campaigns authorized by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages while the Saracens were Muslims.
Unlike the crusaders, the Saracens were not good at fighting full-scale battles. This was evident in the war with the first Crusaders. In April 1097, armies of the First Crusade heading for Jerusalem landed in Constantinople. However, they were ambushed by the Saracens, who employed a scorched earth policy (poisoning water wells and burning orchards), during their march (Child, Nigel, and Martyn 16).
The Crusaders fought back the ambush successfully because the Saracens engaged them in a full-scale war, which the Crusaders were extremely good at (Child, Nigel, and Martyn 16). The Saracens reacted to the Crusader’s march round Jerusalem by raising Saracen crosses on the city wall, after which they spat on the crusaders, insulted them, and subjected them to the indignation of which it is indecent to speak (Mackay and John 313). The Crusaders were unwavering in their quest for revenge.
Unlike the…

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