Reflective Essay

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Reflective Essay
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Spiritual Renewal and Growth

Spiritual Renewal and Growth Name Institutional Affiliation Date Biblical Model of Spiritual Renewal Spiritual renewal refers to change in behaviours by engaging in aspects that strengthen the humans spiritually. Humans are in the constant need for spiritual renewal because every time the worldly desires and the devil is seeking to pull humans from the spiritual firmness. This deters the humans from receiving the Holy Spirit that guides them to do what is right and the will of God. Spiritual renewal brings in changes that enable humans to experience inner growth. The significant areas of growth in spiritual renew are; commitment to God, hope in darkest situations, Cleanse of heart,...

Social Commentary in the novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Many times, human beings have no idea as to why things happen, and may spend an entire lifetime trying to search for answers in a bid to understand why they happened. A tragedy is among some of these things, and it can happen to any given person at any time. In the novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, written by Jonathan Safran Foer, the social commentary entails social conditions that come as a result of tragic death and more so that of a close person such as a family member. It entails the suffering that people go through before they accept the reality of death and particularly a sudden death. While writing about Oskar Schell, the author draws upon the emotions faced after the death of his...

The Shy too can Lead

Name Tutor Course Date The Shy too can Lead Long before I joined high school, as early as I could remember, I used to be the most introverted kid in the room. The moment I stepped into high school, my biggest fear was coping in a new environment with no familiar human shield in the form of my mother. Little did I know that as time passed by I would overcome my biggest predicament and become a voice for the weak and the meek of the society, transformed! In my mind, in my own twisted way, I believed leaders were made from the sanguine material. The loudest person in the room or the one who could speak most words in a minute was the only type that could lead. However, in my own twisted way, I...

Technology Considerations,Discussion:

Name of the student Professor’s Name Technology 5th November 2015 Discussion and Conclusion The potential issues and limitations of my results may be briefed as follows. First of all, the statistical tests conducted provided ample evidence that the mean household income of the individuals in 2013 is significantly greater than 2012 (p<0.05). This is because a p-value less than 0.05 signifies that the difference in mean household income in between the two years has not happened due to chance factors of random sampling. Since, out of 100 observations, less than five observations of mean household income being same in both the years could be noted. Therefore, the null...

comparative in contrast essay about Mexico vs. US, language, environment, family values

Name: Institution: Course: Date: Between my Country and the United states I had faced the bigger challenge to move to the United States, due to my country differences? A young mother with a baby in arms and pregnant, I came to the United States escaping from the poverty, violence and organized crime. However, my family and my life was in danger back in my country. After my arrival to the US., I suffered from homesickness, because I did not speak English and I was not able to make money to support my family as I did back in Mexico, also because I missed my family and Mexican food. First of all, I lived in Mexico previously and I also know that the Mexicans are hard workers, but...

Something about Global Security

Global Security Threats The global security landscape is characterized by complex threats, including organized crime, piracy, and cyber warfare and in the recent past international terrorism. Moreover, this it is associated with fast development in economic well-being and conservative strains. The global security landscape is growing rapidly, and as such the current world faces a broad variety of international threats, thus countries are required to strengthen their efforts in countering such threats. The current global security landscape is far much complex and further complicated by international threats that are old fashioned and cannot apply in the present world. Thorough and multinational...

Positive Psychology At The Movies

Name Professor’s name Course Date Positive Psychology at the Movies Positive Psychology at the Movies is talking about the ways to employ movies and films for understanding the impression of positive psychology as well as the gains in an actual lifetime. The implication denotes the inherent meaning, which filmmaker wishes the audiences to perceive as well as feel. It defines the position that the positive psychology belongs. The characters also perform a big part in the films. In this context, the authors similarly conversed about the virtues of character powers. The strengths of personality are Understanding and Knowledge, Bravery, Kindness, Fairness, Self-restraint, as well as...

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Biodiversity hotspot Name Institution Date Biodiversity hotspot A biodiversity hotspot is an area with intact natural ecosystem and hosts native species historically associated with the ecosystem. It also means an area highly populated with local species that are cannot be found or are rarely found in other sectors outside the hotspot and are threatened with extinction. The natural value of hotspots is very high therefore any actions taken at the moment to maintain this value may provide a high return on conservation dollar in the efforts to conserve biodiversity. For an area to qualify to be identified as a hotspot, it must meet two critical...

Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution Name: Institution: Introduction From 1760 to 1860, industrial development, schooling, and a cumulative capital stock changed the United States into the workspace of the planet. The American industrial revolution, as the conversion was later famously recognized, initiated a continued increase in real earnings for every person in the United States and, as its results increased boundaries, in the remaining parts of the Western world. Academicians concur that the industrial revolution can be considered to be one of the most significant occurrences in history, signifying the quick change to the contemporary age; nevertheless they differ strongly from numerous features of the...