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Crossfit subculture

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Crossfit Subculture
Crossfit is increasingly becoming common among young people across the world. According to Usman and Davidson and Murphy and MacKenzie, Crossfit is a strength and condition program aimed at building a strong and balanced body (5; 27). Many youths are becoming sensitive about their health, which makes them to have the courage to join this exercise program. Although it was initially designed for police officers, the military, and professional athletes, many youths are finding the extremities thrilling and enjoying. Crossfit has three components that are constantly varied, high intensity, and functional movement (Boyce 7). These are the important components in differentiating the sport from others. Some are of the perception that such exercises will make them better people on different levels. The perceived and actualized benefits of Crossfit include improved confidence and self-esteem, good body posture, proper physiological functions, helps individuals to understand their body better, and encourage communal cohesion. The popularity of Crossfit in the United States and beyond has led to the conceptions that it can actually improve American sports generally. This is because the benefits that come with this training help the youths to be better in what they do, which would improve the performance of the American teams. Engaging in these exercises help the community to be better because of the sense of friendshi…

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