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Crossfit subculture

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Crossfit subculture

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Crossfit Subculture
Crossfit is increasingly becoming common among young people across the world. According to Usman and Davidson and Murphy and MacKenzie, Crossfit is a strength and condition program aimed at building a strong and balanced body (5; 27). Many youths are becoming sensitive about their health, which makes them to have the courage to join this exercise program. Although it was initially designed for police officers, the military, and professional athletes, many youths are finding the extremities thrilling and enjoying. Crossfit has three components that are constantly varied, high intensity, and functional movement (Boyce 7). These are the important components in differentiating the sport from others. Some are of the perception that such exercises will make them better people on different levels. The perceived and actualized benefits of Crossfit include improved confidence and self-esteem, good body posture, proper physiological functions, helps individuals to understand their body better, and encourage communal cohesion. The popularity of Crossfit in the United States and beyond has led to the conceptions that it can actually improve American sports generally. This is because the benefits that come with this training help the youths to be better in what they do, which would improve the performance of the American teams. Engaging in these exercises help the community to be better because of the sense of friendship encouraged through this sport. Although there are suggestions that the sport is dangerous and could lead to injuries among normal people, it is clear that the benefits outweigh the risks by far. Considering the increased popularity of Crossfit among the youths, it is necessary to research on the exercise, the benefits, risks, and the societal impacts it has. This paper aims to research on Crossfit subculture, its influence among the youth, the benefits it has on these young individuals, and the possible impacts on the society.
Crossfit Subculture
Many American youths are finding it enjoyable and thrilling to engage in extreme exercises that were originally meant for law and defense agencies. For a while, this surprised many experts and there is a need to research on the same to understand the motivation behind the new drive. Research on the same indicates that a fraction of the youths has become sensitive about health because of the myriad of lifestyle diseases that have become common today. Many of these people want to live to old age and are willing to do anything to ensure that. This objective is only achievable if they take healthy foods and engage in exercises. The healthy diet is universal to other health conscious individuals, but this section of youths wants to be different, whereby, they want to engage in unique exercises that are uncommon to others. Considering these factors, Crossfit is the best-suited sport for these individuals.
The uniqueness of Crossfit is the fact that it is challenging compared to other sports. Normal individuals would have challenges engaging in them successfully, which seems to be the drive of the young people. It is even more interesting that in Crossfit, the participants do not know the exercise they will engage in until the time to start comes. The mystery is encouraging to many youths, which makes them appreciate these exercises. The way Crossfit is structured ensures that the participants move through different levels that aim at improving their bodies (Murphy and MacKenzie 31). When youths start engaging in these sports, most of them fear the challenge because of what they heard about it. Contrary to their perceptions, Crossfit focuses on normal exercise movements in the first lessons to allow the participants prepare their bodies for the latter ones. Regardless, the exercises become tough along the way but the participants catch up fast. The challenges in Crossfit exercises are not a concern to the youths engaging in them, which raises some queries.
Research Questions
Why are youth doing CrossFit?
How’s Crossfit changing their lives?
How do people communicate with each other?
The number of youths engaging in Crossfit exercises has been increasing exponentially over the last decade. Although there are the suggestion that they are doing so for the health benefits, the drive among them seems more. Many people keep wondering why some youths would engage in torture yet there are alternative programs that can help them achieve the same objectives. It is interesting that some of them are posting through the social media and Internet on the ways they gained by engaging in Crossfit exercises. This is an encouragement for other youths that want to engage in the same exercises to achieve specific goals. Although they understand that these exercises are extremely challenging, the fact that there are some youths that have completed them successfully gives them the enthusiasm they need to engage in them as well. This has led to a subculture that has the same objectives. Its influence is felt across the world as more youths are joining in the same goals.
The observations made indicate that the youths are engaging in these exercises with the objectives of becoming better. Further observations indicated that although the activities associated with these exercises are tough and challenging, most of them are willing to accomplish the set targets. Their motivation is undeniable and it is clear that they are willing to do anything. Another major observation was the sense of community among the youths. Many of them like to associate themselves with their peers in these activities, probably because of the same objectives. They interact well and are always concerned about the other all the time. In fact, the cohesion among the individuals training together in these programs creates a form of culture, which they identify themselves with.
The Crossfit culture has become a global phenomenon as many youths across the world are identifying themselves with it. They have social media pages and websites that they use to interact among themselves. The internet has become an important part of the Crossfit culture. Observations indicate that there are many youths who follow their Crossfit training through the internet. They are aware of the timings and are always ready when that time comes. Although they may be far from each other, they are keen to maintain the cohesion among themselves. Such a factor is important for the well-being of the society because the likelihood of conflicts is minimal.
Literature review
There are many reasons the youths engage in Crossfit exercises.
Weight loss. Crossfit exercises are effective in losing the extra weight. According to Boyce, Crossfit exercises helps in burning calories, which is the way to lose the extra fat in the body (8). The structure of these exercises ensures that a person burns all the extra calories in all body parts. Turley and Ainslie claim that Crossfit exercises are those people that are looking forward to lose the extra weight while building muscles at the same time (147). However, it is important to note that these exercises require a person to have at least some basic in fitness. If not, they should be ready for intense workouts. The intensity of these exercises is what makes it easy for a person to lose the extra calories. Attending even one session of Crossfit exercise is enough to lose a few pounds of extra weight. The fact that there are many health problems associated with extra fats and weight is an encouragement to many youths to engage in these exercises. Most want to lead a healthy life without any complications that are preventable, for example, the lifestyle conditions associated with extra weight.
Good body posture. This is another inspiration for youths to engage in Crossfit exercises. Unlike what most people understand, a good posture is important for the body. D’Arezzo states that a good body posture is the erect one, in which the alignment of the body organs is within the required range (11). The alignment and posture of a person helps in the proper functioning of the body organs, which definitely leads to better health. According to Wright, a good body posture depends on the flexibility of the muscles, joints, and ligaments, which are critical in holding the body properly (70). In this case, regular exercises are the only ones that can guarantee a good body posture. Crossfit exercises are good for enhancing the required posture because they focus on strength, agility, and endurance. This knowledge has been critical in encouraging the youths to engage in these exercises. The young people are also aware that a good posture helps them to be happy in various ways. It is worth noting that a good posture reflects when a person is standing, sitting, and sleeping, which necessitates it.
Better physiological functions. The understanding that exercises improve the physiological functions of the body also encourages the youths to engage in Crossfit exercises. Plowman and Smith claim that exercises enhance the function of the heart, which is critical in maintaining the right blood balance, distributing blood to the tissues, maintaining the right fluid and electrolyte balance in blood, and helping to normal hormonal function (24). In addition, there is the rapid transportation of the waste materials within the body and prompt excretion. These factors are important for they ensure that the body operates effectively all the time. Considering the threat of lifestyle diseases nowadays, many youths try their best to ensure this, which is possible through Crossfit exercises. Although these exercises are extreme, many youths believe that they will help them have better physiological functions. Most of the people that engage in these activities feel better compared to those that do not engage in them, which is a clear indication of their importance (Plowman and Smith 24).
Self-esteem and confidence. According to Boyce, Crossfit exercises are among activities that help individuals to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem (121). According to him, these activities help individuals to feel good about themselves, which gives them the courage to interact with others effectively. In addition, they can stand in front of other people without feeling weak on their knees. This is quite important considering that most of the youths do not have the courage to face other people. Confidence and high self-esteem are important in improving the productivity of a person, especially in their workplaces and school. In fact, Crossfit exercises correlate to improved performance and productivity among the youths. This is because the two factors give a person the dedication they need to work hard in their quests.
Competition. If there is anything important to modern youths is being ahead of their peers in many things, including good performance, looking good, endurance, and strength. The revelation that Crossfit exercises can help these young people to achieve these objectives encourages them to engage in the activity. They are aware that the exercises help individuals to think better and clearly, which would lead to enhanced performance. They also appreciate that these activities are important in enhancing the best body shape, especially among women. Additionally, there are youths who want to proof that they have strength and endurance to engage in some activities. These factors have been shaping the social construct that Crossfit exercises can help them achieve these objectives. Their willingness to be better than their peers gives them the strength they need to engage in Crossfit exercises. The youths that lead in the Crossfit competitions boast about their wins, which also encourages the other youths to pursue the same goals (Boyce 7).
How Crossfit is changing the youths
Motivation. This is one of the most impactful factors among youths engaging in Crossfit exercises. They have a burning desire to achieve their goals regardless of how challenging the activities are. The motivation among the youths goes beyond exercising. They are likely to have the same zeal and enthusiasm in other things they do, including schoolwork, career, and other aspects of life. Motivation in Crossfit exercises stems from the challenges these individuals have to face in the activity. These challenges allow them to think critically about the ways they can bypass them. The desire to achieve results pushes the youths always to think of sustainable solutions in everything they do. This explains why the people that engage in Crossfit exercises are always motivated and dedicated to their work.
Goal oriented. The achievement of set goals is one of the principles of Crossfit. The youths learn to set individual goals in the activity, which they can meet within the timeframe they set. They are encouraged to use this principle to other things they do. These individuals are always goal-oriented and are willing to invest their time and resources to ensure that they achieve their targets. This is the appositive change among the youths, which can make them better individuals in everything they do that could also help in developing the society. These individuals would also act as role models for the younger generation, which also plays a role in improving the society.
The findings are clear that there are many benefits the youths get from Crossfit, which is the reason they are encouraged to get into these challenging exercises. Most of the young people start engaging in these activities with the hope that they will have better health, competitiveness, and agility. While they get these qualities, they are also likely to become better individuals through improved confidence, self-esteem, motivation, and goal oriented characteristics. The nature of Crossfit encourages such factors that make the youth better individuals that the society can rely on for growth and development. They are usually motivated and dedicated, which makes it easy for them to achieve their goals with ease. They are an encouragement to other people that desire to be successful.
Another finding is that Crossfit is increasingly become a sub-culture among individuals with the same objectives. This culture is based on understanding, care, and familial characteristics. In this case, these individuals are always looking out for each other. They are also out to improve each other through their interactions, shared activities, and common objectives. This culture is increasingly becoming popular among young people across the world. They are encouraged by the principles of these exercises, the objectives, and the benefits they are likely to achieve. Youths from different regions identified with this culture have found it necessary to have local places where they can meet. Even then, they associate with other members associated with it through the internet. These interactions make the objectives of the Crossfit achievable because they help each other when interacting one-on-one better.
It is clear that Crossfit subculture is a force to reckon with in these modern times. Many youths are encouraged to engage in these extreme sports to become healthy and avoid the many lifestyle diseases that come with little or no physical activities. The youths associated with this subculture have the willingness to be unique, which is why they prefer these sports to the normal gymnastic activities. For sure, these exercises predispose individuals to injuries, but these individuals are willing to take the risk to achieve their health objectives. All individuals associated with this subculture have common goals, which bring them closer. These goals are of major interest to other youths, which encourages them to engage in the same. The motivation is through the sharing these youths share through the internet. Youths that are yet to engage in the same feel encouraged because other individuals have achieved the same goals.
While they achieve their objectives, the youths gain other benefits from these exercises. As indicated in this paper, many youths improve in self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. These factors help these individuals to perform better in their work. Studies suggest that people that engage in these activities are usually much better compared to their peers that do not engage in them. They are also likely to be better people the society can be proud of. Their character of looking after their peers is an important one in maintaining the cohesion of the society. Stability in the society enhances growth and development. Although people may not realize the importance of Crossfit exercises in the society, it is undeniable that individuals engaging in these activities have a positive influence on the society. Communities should ensure that the young people there engage in them to capitalize on the advantages that come with them. This is possible through funding, awareness campaigns, introduction in schools, and in other communal facilities. In the spirit of cohesion, societal members can come together for this common course and contribute towards it to ensure that their children engage in them. After all, it is possible to customize the activities depending on the needs of an individual.
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