Computer Science

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Computer Science
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software engineering/architecture

Group Communication Student’s Name Institution Introduction In software development project or any other project soft skills are crucial to the success of the project. Even if one is perfect in technical skills soft skills are essential to enhance teamwork as well as cooperation to achieve a common goal in a teamwork. Soft skills are the personal attributes that one needs for the successful engagement in a workplace. Such skills include communication skills, social skills, problem-solving as well as conflict resolution skills, flexibility among many others. Such skills are essential as they help one to effectively navigate through his or her working environment, perform well, and work as...

Thinking like a hacker to protect your network.

Thinking like a Hacker to Protect Yourself Name: Institution: Thinking like a Hacker Introduction Information technology has had a massive influence on business performance through sharing of data, which is significant for the performance of any business. Moreover, regarding abundant computing as well as exchange and flow of data, it is vital to secure and safeguard critical information. Data security includes applying various methods and mechanisms to protect connected and more significantly, the data utilized by such systems. For an individual or an organization to think like a hacker and secure a network, it is essential to have a detailed knowledge of methods as well as tools hackers...

Travel Project Screen Shot

Travel Project Screen Shot Name Institution Abstract Fuerteventura, Canary Islands is a neighbor of Africa, very close to Europe and has deep cultural ties in America. Its most prized charm is the calm that comes from its extensive beaches with golden sand and crystal clear cobalt blue waters. The peaceful island beams a salty light and, at every step, unveils new delights for a tourist. Furthermore, it is inhabited by lonely maple woods, tamarisk ravines, and palm trees, ditches, salt marshes, hubaras, brown squirrels, and raptors. The elongated island (139 kilometers from Corralejo to Punta de JandĂ­a), is the second of the archipelago as for its surface. Only 52 nautical miles (approximately...

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Name Institution Abstract The word “cloud” in cloud computing came into existence as a result of the practice of representing the internet using a fluffy cloud in network diagrams. Consequently, the most famous definition of cloud computing is the remote execution workloads over the internet in a provider’s data center also sometimes called the public cloud model. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce’s CRM system, and Google Cloud Platform are some of the commercial cloud computing providers. Another more accurate definition of cloud computing is the virtualization and central management of data center resources as software-specified pools. This definition of cloud...

Individual: SOHO Network Security Requirements

Individual: SOHO Network Security Name Institution Affiliation Individual: SOHO Network Security The primary security requirements should focus on the hybrid network and its components including the external hard drive for backups (Grossman, 2015). Since the hardware and network specifications depict that the organization focuses on the conveyance of information between different points; they should begin by establishing a perimeter network (DMZ) between the organization’s data center and Azure (Microsoft, 2016). The approach will ensure consistent security with the Azure virtual network (VNet) acting as the foundation. As indicated in the figure below, the DMZ will include Network Virtual...

Information Security

Information Security Name Institution Affiliation Date Shadow IT Information Technology serves a critical role in the productivity of an organization. However, the increase in the demand for technology raises security concerns that may interfere with the information security. Shadow IT should not be encouraged because it enhances the presence of the security threats. Additionally, shadow IT prompts data redundancy hence affecting the storage capacity due to data or software duplication. An organization can reduce the risk of the shadow IT by gathering the user requirements that enhance productivity. Creation of policies such as the cybersecurity policies can help curb the challenges of...

Mercedes Benz

The first Mercedes car was Benz Patent Motorwagen that was invented in the year 1886. The vehicle was powered by a gas engine (Company History, 2018). The car was also three-wheeled, and it also used a two-stroke engine. Six hundred people first bought the vehicle at a price of $150. When the first car was released, the number of employees in the company grew rapidly to 25 employees. And it was by this time when the company was issued by licenses to enable the construction gas engines for the company. The Mercedes Benz Company has existed since the year 1885 to date. This comes to one hundred and thirty-three years by 2018 (Company History, 2018). The company has been of great importance since it is...

Skills Assignment – Microsoft Word Formatting

Module 03 Skills Assignment - Microsoft Word Formatting Name Institution Module 03 Skills Assignment - Microsoft Word Formatting Uses of The Internet The internet has four significant uses; enhancing lessons, studying and research, communication, and accessibility (Carli & Durkee, 2016). The internet contains more resources and material like interactive lessons that can help enhance experiences. Some lessons can be provided over the internet thus reducing the cost and time of commuting to school. Additionally, tests, homework, and collaboration with students can all be performed using the internet. The internet is a source of vast amounts of information that is available by merely...

annotated bibliography revision

Dyson, M. E. (2004). The culture of hip-hop. That's the joint, 61-68. Dyson is explaining in his book about hip-hop and rap music, to show how it was valued among the black, Latinos, and white person in America. He says it was associated with the poor black youths and the Latinos in the poor urban districts like those in New York and Chicago. The culture of hip-hop and rap was related to drug abuse, violence and other forms of crime. With such bad attributes, hi-hop was not so appreciated especially by the whites. With time, it started to become popular and loved by all races since efforts to erode it were frustrated by increasing number of hip-hop artist from all races. The book is analyzing...