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Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

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Criminal justice
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Criminal justice
In our day-to-day activities, citizens encounter police because of crimes that they have done. Sometimes, those who are judged for doing different kinds of wrongdoings may not have committed them. They found themselves in the hands of the police not for the mistakes that they have done but due to other reasons like mistaken identity. Until they are proven not to be guilty, it is sometimes difficult for them to be set free. A good example is Harold Hall who did not receive justice after being jailed for nearly twenty years for a crime that he did not commit (Pollock, 51).
However, the community is not equipped to identify any reasonable expectation of privacy in open fields due to various reasons. Firstly, the system does not provide the background for the friendly activities that the Fourth Amendment is supposed to protect the culprits against the interference by the government. Mediators chased Hester via the open fields just because he was in possession of the alcohol that he threw after he heard the shots. However, according to the Supreme Court, Hester intended to leave alcohol. Evidently, the amendment did not include the open fields (Pollock, 57)
Nevertheless, it is good to note that the Fourth Amendment law has advantages in many instances. It helps in the protection of reasonable expectations that would otherwise infringe on personal privacy. Sometimes one may be fou…

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