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Comparison of (Greek) Homer-The Odysses, book 4 and (Roman) Virgil- Aeneid, Book 2

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Comparison of (Greek) Homer-The Odysses, book 4 and (Roman) Virgil- Aeneid, Book 2

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A Comparison of Homer's Odyssey, Book 4 and Virgil's Aeneid, Book 2

Virgil's epic, The Aeneid tells the story of the founding of Rome. Virgil traces the origins of the Roman people to that of the Trojans and in the destruction of the Trojans, the Romans rise. This essay seeks to critically examine Virgil's Aeneid and compare it to The Odyssey by Homer. Virgil denies incorporating Greek culture into his work. This analysis will examine that claim by comparing the two works. The Odyssey is a cornerstone of Greek culture and if similarities can be found between it and The Aeneid then this will greatly support any assertions of Virgil incorporating Greek culture into his works. This will be done as follows. First this paper will examine a few key passages within both texts that share remarkable similarities. Following that this paper will discuss larger similarities between the two works such as the overall structure of the narrative. This will be followed by examining similarities in writing style and themes presented in each work. Finally this paper will confront Virgil's claim and examine possible motivations Virgil might have had in claiming to reject Greek culture from his epic. These arguments will lead to the conclusion that Greek culture was used in Virgil's Aeneid and that Greek culture continued on in Roman culture.
First it is important to examine the actual text of these respe…

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