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Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Metaphysics Caused statement refers to one process being responsible for the other one in a case of two processes. A process has many causes, and an effect can cause other effects in future. On the other hand, casual explanation explains the effect of one process to another process. Cause tries to answer the why question and is termed as an explanation of something. Causal explanation leads to an increase in chances of an effect occurring. Explanations rely on certain ideas. Explanations are given according to answers, which depend on questions, which are composed of concepts. Casual explanation depends on caused...

Impact of Societal Interaction in Maintenance of Mental Health of Geriatric Patients

Introduction A plethora of physical and mental health issues exist in the elderly population, all across the world. The geriatric population is susceptible to various physical and mental ailments which significantly increases the burden of illness and compromises their quality of life. They are susceptible to cardiovascular problems, neurological deficits, osteoporosis and fractures, and finally towards an array of psychiatric disorders. Such disorders include depression, panic disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders. The geriatric population is a neglected and under-cared population in our society, and should be given due consideration. Especially issues like psychiatric disorders create a...

which religion is MOST similar to Christianity or which religion is LEAST similar to Christianity.

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Differences between Christian and Islamic religionsIntroduction Islamic and Christianity are the two most practiced religions in the world. They both share a conviction in one God who made the world and cared for the beliefs and behavior of human beings. They share much mutual ground as they both trace their origin to Abraham. They both have faith in prophecy, in the resurrection of dead, God's messengers, revelation, the importance of religious community and the Holy Scripture. They both have a communitarian aspect that is; Christians have the church as their worshipping place while the Muslims have the "umma" over their worshipping place. In...

knowledge mapping techniques in knowledge management

Your Title Your name Institution Date (optional). Introduction Knowledge mapping is among popular methods used primarily by organizations to identify and sort information in their systems. When the techniques of knowledge mapping are applied, a complex and broad set of informative resources can be found and navigated in an easy manner. In recent times, the aspect of knowledge mapping has attracted the attention of managers as a tool for assessment with the capability of measuring conceptual understanding in depth and allows the experts in an organization to classify the relationships between concepts in a particular domain visually. The critical issue at hand for the organizations is to...

Documentary Response

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Moog DocumentaryThe Robert Moog Documentary is a piece written and directed by Hans Fjellestad and produced in 2004. Hans Fjellestad is a documentary film maker, music composer and a pianist who is based in California. The documentary is about Moog, who is portrayed as the inventor of the modern synthesizer, a sound engineer, and a very articulate theorist. Also, he is also an unabashed mystic about the links between the cosmos, people, and the machines. This is clearly shown in Hans Fjellestad’s first scene of the documentary, where Mr. Moog points out in a perfect and reasonable voice that “I can feel what is going on inside of a piece of electronic...

see the intstructions below- definitions

Nursing Name Institution Nursing Introduction Nursing can be stated as the safeguarding, optimizing and promoting of human well-being and capabilities in the prevention of injury and illness, through the mitigation of anguish by treating and diagnosing human reaction. It also supports the care of families, populations and communities. Nurses make the major group of staff in any give health facility setting, for instance, the hospital and are a vital part of the healthcare group. Nurses do work in all sort of health environment from emergency and accident to patients' homes, having people of all backgrounds and ages. This paper is about some terms that are closely related to nursing as a...

The book : the color purple by Alice Walker

Name Instructor Course Date Thesis Statement: In The Color Purple the protagonist- Celie- through a series of letters (epistolary) both to God and her sister narrates of the brutal exploding of sexism and racism she undergoes and also witnesses. Abstract 1 (Primary Source) Throughout the novel sexism is highly expressed with black women mainly being subjected to the highest level of discrimination against their gender. Celie’s series of letters to God narrates how she is subjected to abuse. In one letter Celie describes having being subjected to sexual and physical abuse by the man who supposedly is her father, she is married off forcefully to a wealthy local man (widower) Albert...

The wasteland Literature

Name Subject Teacher Date The Waste Land by T S Elliot The Wasteland has been aptly called the most important poem of the twentieth century. It moves directly in tandem with Elliot’s philosophy and high regard for culture and knowledge: this modernist poem aims to depict the degradation of culture in the present times. Through various sections, changing points of views, and most importantly, the fragmentation that appears in numerous parts of the poem, Elliot depicts his desperation at the downfall of high culture and intellectual sophistication. People were surrounded by knowledge, wealth, and opulence, but were unaware of how to praise them, or how they alluded directly to some of the...

Civil War Discussion

Name Professor’s Name Course Date Could the civil war ever have been avoided? How and why? The Civil War could never have been avoided. The reason it wouldn't have been avoided is because of the unfair treatment of the slave states by the Free states over power in the national government. Slavery was also a major issue that had not been addressed. Something had to be done to ensure equal treatment of national government power in prohibiting slavery. The slave states felt the need to have the slaves freed in the territories that were yet to be made states. They, however, didn't have a chance to vote for the same in the national government. Why do you think the story of the Civil remains so...