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Ronda my hero

Ronda Rousey: My Hero To most people, heroes are uncanny people; individuals with exceptional skills, blessed with talents mortals do not have. To others, heroes are everyday men and women that do not have those mythical qualities that would make them exceptional to the others. That is my case. To me, a hero is someone who shines above others because of their sheer perseverance and power of will. That is why, my hero is the Mixed Martial Arts fighter Ronda Rousey Among her many virtues, the one who makes her a role model is her perseverance. Despite the hardships she lived through her childhood, and her problems to communicate, she managed to become an Olympic athlete and a professional...

Adverse Drug Reactions

Adverse Drug Reactions The World Health Organization (1992) defines Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) as any drug response that is noxious and unintended and occurs at doses used that is used for prophylaxis, diagnosis or for interventional purposes in humans. Around 27-33% of patients who receive more than one medication suffers from Adverse Drug Reactions. These reactions are due to toxic effects of the active drug or its metabolites that cause organ or tissue toxicity. ADR is classified as (Bennett & Brown,2008): Type Features Example Type A Dose-related and occurs due to pharmacological action of a drug ADR is predictable Nephrotoxicity of aminoglycosides Type B Not dose related and does not...

Patient Safety

Patient Safety in HealthCare Setups Name of the Student Professor’s Name Course Patient Safety in HealthCare Setups Background One of the important aspects of health care management is to ensure the safety of patients under any circumstances. Patient safety can be compromised during different situations and may be attributable to patient dependent factors and patient independent factors. The various patient dependent factors that hamper safety in them include age, dementia or different mental conditions. On the other hand, the patient-independent factors are attributed to the fallacy and inadequacy of the health care systems and associated persons who are associated with...

Pharmacological treatment of Alzheimer

Pharmacological treatment of Alzheimer's disease Name Institution Pharmacological treatment of Alzheimer's disease Alzheimer’s disease is a common among the old. The condition progressively limits the cognitive capacity of a person, which leads to reduced functions, including memory, thinking, and coordination of body parts. In the quest to make the lives of the old people better, pharmacological treatments of the symptoms associated with the condition are administered. There are different drugs used depending on the stage of the condition, but the commonly used are the acetylcholine derivatives and Sedative-hypnotic agents. Although the drugs are meant to make the lives of the old better,...

The British and The USA Health Care

The British and the USA Health Care Name Institution The British and the USA Health Care Most of the states are currently facing a problem in health care. Each country has their way of doing a thing. In USA, people do not get access to health care except when they pay for it out of their pockets while in us said to people having to wait for a period for treatment. The USA spend some of the GDP money on health care, and they do not cover everybody in USA. While the Uk spends some of them on health, and everybody in USA is included (Reagan, 1992). The UK National Health Service provides general health care to the citizens, free for services, and it is administrated and financed from...

The Antwerp Six +

Name: Tutor: Institution: Date: The Antwerp Six + designers The Antwerp 6 is a group of powerful cutting edge fashion designers who originated from the Royal Academy of Antwerp in the 1980s. The design joint introduced a particular idea for a design in 1980's that built up the famous group of the Antwerp as a prominent area for fashion style. The advancement took place around 1988 where the group leased a car and traveled to London fashion with their accumulations and hence putting the state on a fashion map. After that, they all separated and went their different ways and got to be popular separately with their own extremely unmistakable fashion and trademarks. Having done the greater part of...

Why is their a higher rate of college drop outs in Latinos

Why Is Their A Higher Rate of College Drop Outs in Latinos Students Name: Professor: Subject: Date of Submission: Why is there a higher rate of College dropouts in Latinos? Introduction In a National Education Association article, the issue of Latino students dropping out was termed as a ‘silent crisis’. The numbers, too, support the statement. When it comes to investigating the factors for why Latino students drop out of college, there are numerous researchers that will provide one with the figures and the definitive statements. The reasons are varied: some drop out due to financial stress; some are isolated, and others do not receive enough support either from family or from the...

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Duchene muscular dystrophy Student Institution Introduction Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), fall in the category of genetic diseases that can be inherited. It's among the nine types of dystrophy which are characterized by continual muscle degeneration and weakening. When dystrophin is absent, the muscle cells are not capable of remaining intact and this leads to DMD as shown in (Yiu & Kornberg, 2015). The symptoms start early in childhood in children aged between three to five years. Boys are the typical victims although at times girls can be attacked too. Etiology Until the early 1980s, the origin or existence of DMD was not known. A scientific study that was supported by...

Health and Wellness

Name Tutor Course Date Health and wellness Introduction The aspect of health and wellness is a co-determiner of a nation’s growth and development. It is a trying situation which encompasses the residents within the country. Evidence indicates that great economic entities suffer to the point of declination due to the extraction of key experts from their positions by diseases. In a more critical review, an investigation has asserted that a high mortality rate is associated with lack of physical activity and engagement of inadequate and poor nutrition which absorbs human health. Sources indicate that physical exercises have been dragged by the invention of new technological approaches and...