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Comparison essay on high school and college

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Comparison essay on high school and college

Category: Book Review

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Level: High School

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Comparison between high school and college
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Education system is classified into levels that help every growing child to experience academic challenges and achievements relative to their age and mental development. The learner gains knowledge and is tested on it before graduating to the next level.
Differences exhibited by both include: high school is more often mandatory and is almost free if attending a public school. On the other hand, college is an expensive venture and is voluntary. While attending a high school, a fixed schedule by the institution is followed but in a college a student becomes more independent and accountable on how they spend their time. In college, one takes the whole responsibility for the choices she/he makes and related consequences (Anonymous, n.d). At the same time high school institutions alongside with parents, help children in making choices and so determine the options and consequences. In high schools students are taught by teachers and usually a class has at most thirty-five students, while college students are taught by professors and a class may have more than triple the number in high school classrooms.
Similarly, both high schools and colleges are learning institutions for students. Both levels train and prepare students for next academic levels, and most important their carriers. Both levels use grades to determine whether one is a fit for a qualification, to the succeeding level. The courses taught in high schools are not difference just at an advanced level in college for students are believed to have matured enough mentally to handle more complex studies.
Both institutions make a refined student, the more levels one attains, the better chances for survival, especially in the corporate world.
Anonymous, How Is College Different from High School. (n.d.). Retrieved June 24, 2015, from http://www.smu.edu/Provost/ALEC/NeatStuffforNewStudents/HowIsCollegeDifferentfromHighSchool

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