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Community Relationships in Long Term Care

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Community Relationships in Long Term Care

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Community Relationships in Long Term Care
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Community Relationships in Long Term Care
A nursing home is an institution that offers care for people who need special support in the society. The people may include the aged, those with physical disability among many needy others in the society. Therefore, this paper shall consider Rokevodha Nursing Home that is situated in my home town. The paper shall discuss on how the facility currently extends its partnership to the community and how both parties have benefited from the partnership.
Rokevodha Nursing Home provides resources and skills that the wider society does not have access are unavailable in the community. On the same note, the Nursing Home provides security for the old and disability in the society (Kayser-Jones, 2009). This helps to provide them with immediate care when they get into problems. The center also provides a knowledge base to the members of my home area on how they can provide support to the disabled in the society and the aged (Dobie, 2010). This has made the members of my home place gain expert knowledge on how they can handle an emergency in case it happens, and the clinicians are not around.
Rokevodha Nursing Home has partnered with my community so as to solve employment issues in the society, provide food to the need and other essential services that the society members may need (Dobie, 2010). This has helped in improving the living standards of the membe…

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