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Communication in the law and safety field

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Communication in the law and safety field

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Communication in the Law and Safety Field.
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In a recent couple of years, there have been no other issues in the law enforcement and safety field that has drawn more concern, controversy, and attention than the issue of public safety interoperability and communication. Technology has transformed the law enforcement and safety field and their operations in fundamental respects. These technologies are playing an important role in the daily functioning of these fields such as equipping frontline police officers with investigative and enforcement tools that give them an edge in their operation and make them more efficient. Accordingly, fast, simple, reliable and precise communication is a crucial factor in the law enforcement and safety field’s ability to respond to all types of situation in an efficient, and timely fashion.
First, security and law enforcement field are constantly challenged with emergency situations that need a quick response. Often, it is in such situations that the importance of swift and reliable communication becomes apparent. A perfect example, according to Greg Browning, the Juneau Police Department Team, is the 9/11 terror attack. Greg stated that one of the concerning issue that came out after the attack was the poor communication between states, federal, county and local agencies; the information about the attack was out there, but it was not timely and effectively communicated to the places that it was neede…

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