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Childhood obesity

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Childhood obesity

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Health

Level: College

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27th November, 2015
Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity is defined as a clinical condition, where excess deposition of body fat, leads to negative health outcomes in a child. Percentage of body fat or presence of total body fat within the body may be predicted from regression equations, estimated from various skin-fold measurements. However, the popular and most common way of assessing excess body fat is done by estimating Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI can be estimated from the weight and height of a child. A BMI which is less than the specified limits as pertinent to the specific population indicates the child to be undernourished. On the other hand, a BMI which is more than the specified limits as pertinent to the specific population indicates the child to be overweight or obese. In technical terms, obesity may be described as a BMI, which is beyond the normal limits of BMI (on weight and height), in a given population. The other measures of measuring obesity include measurement of waist-hip circumference ratio and assessment of body weight on age / on height (Strauss & Pollack 2845-2848).
Our common perception, throughout the history, denoted that a fat child has a better health and is not undernourished. However, the menace of childhood obesity clearly demonstrates that a fat child may be malnourished, and may suffer from various clinical ailments, which jeopardizes the perception of …

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