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Change from ipv4 to ipv6 cm107 unit 7

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Change from ipv4 to ipv6 cm107 unit 7

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Internet use has dramatically grown over the past decade. Today, most homesteads across the globe have computers and smartphones. The Internet Protocol (IP) is a prerequisite for any device accessing the Internet. With lots of people around the world using the internet almost all the time, their devices need IP addresses. IPv4 is the commonly used internet protocol and also one of the integral protocols of internetworking. The IPv6 is an improvement of IPv4, and it is gradually being introduced so as to cater for a large number of internet users today.
IPv4 is built to use a 32-bit address system meaning that it can accommodate close to 4.3 billion Internet addresses. It is anticipated that the number of addresses allowed by IPv4 will over time run out owing to the fact that even devices such as game consoles aside from smartphones and computers need IP addresses. This is the reason there was a need for an improved internet address system. Since the mid-1990s, the next generation address system known as the IPv6 began to be developed.
The IPv6 Is a 128-bit meaning that it can accommodate over 300 undecillion that is quite a huge number of IP addresses. The main benefit associated with IPv6 is the large address space it will provide. Additionally, IPv6 has some important technological benefits for internet users. It will improve multicasting, privacy, security, mobility, auto-configuration as well as m…

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