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Cesar Chavez the movie

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Cesar Chavez the movie

Category: Movie Review

Subcategory: Political Science

Level: College

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Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez is a leader that has brought commendable farming reforms in the States and especially in Texas. Cesar Chavez is known for the contribution that he made as regards to the farm workers. He was a darling of many, yet, he was still tortured to some the residents in the early sixties to the late seventies. Consequently, as an activist he was common for the Chicano civil rights movement that were equally aggressive in its agenda. I argue that Cesar Chavez contributed immensely in the betterment of the society based workers who work in the farms through civil movements and united farm workers Union (UFW).
As much as the workers in the states had decided to strike because of the meager pay that they received from farming grapes, the movie Salt of the Earth had a great deal of influence. The movie that the workers watched was based on a boycott that had been carried out by workers in the mining industry. On checking the video, those who were striking from farming realized that they were only hundred men only while Salt of the Earth indicated the presence of women. It is this video that they watched while in Socreto that agitated the idea of inviting their wives. So, the wives joined in what was a boycott now and thousands more. Some of those who were involved in the boycott that entailed walking more than 300miles were used to get well wishers in town that they would soon conquer to join their…

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