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Case Study of Jose and Therapy Approaches

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Case Study of Jose and Therapy Approaches

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: Masters

Pages: 5

Words: 1375

Case Study of Jose and Therapy Approaches

The case study reflects that Jose is suffering from various depressive disorders. Depressive disorders indicate an array of mood disorders, where a person is unable to enjoy his surroundings and exhibits various physical and psychological manifestations. These disorders are co-morbid and the presence of anyone such disorder makes an individual prone to other depressive disorder/s.

The situation of Jose has been aggravated by his family members. He is a truck driver and spends his weekend for a course in mechanical engineering. Jose had a breakup with a Caucasian lady on the issue of abortion. Presently Jose is not interested in settling down with a family. Jose is not at all independent, and every decision of Jose is under the rigid control of his family members. He does not have an independent room and stays with his parents in a common room.
It is evidenced that the privacy of Jose has been jeopardized in every occasion in his life. Apart from sharing a room with other members of his family, there are other personal issues that have been publicized by Jose’s family. It was revealed that Jose had a breakup with a Caucasian lady, on the issue of abortion. The issue was so sensitive and should have been kept within the family of Jose. However, the issue was publicized by their own family members. That is why Jose mentioned, that he feels out of the family. He loved his mother and shared everything with her, but such an act lead to t…

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