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Case: In Need of Improvement?

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Case: In Need of Improvement?

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Nutrition and Diet

Level: College

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Healthcare Case Study

Healthcare Case Study
Dealing with health and healthcare disparities needs a full involvement of different organizations. The organizations should have an existing infrastructure for quality measurement and improvement. For a healthcare institution to create an efficiently running staff, information is important. Additionally, teamwork is essential in forming a motivated and productive working environment. The nurses need to work well among themselves and with the physicians. Therefore, to have an efficient staff, there are certainly important steps that have to be addressed.
One of the many important issues to address is collecting information. Information gathering covers a wide range. First, the staff availability and skills need to be on the record. This helps in determining the duties that can be assigned to them and at what time. Once the information is gathered, it would be easier for the administrative staff to give assignments. For instance, there should be those who deal with the storage and safety of the drugs and other disposables. Once assignments are delegated, the staff should give the information on which equipment is regularly used. This will prevent the problem of stocking unnecessary equipment in the stores. With such kind information, it would be easier for the administration to determine why there is more use of the disposables.
The next step would be to reduce the amount of the unnecessary equipment being stacked on the storage shelves. I would ask the staff assigned to keeping the storage records to give a detailed report of the equipment that comes and goes out the shelves. With the report, it would be easier for the administrative staff to determine which items to increase and which ones to reduce.
The accurate records kept by the store keepers will also determine which equipment is often used. Once the administration’s figures out what comes in and what goes out regularly, the can order the frequently used equipment early. Early planning and stacking of the shelves prevents the rush orders. Preventing rush orders is important to avoid any unforeseeable events in case there is no time.
The other important step would be to manage the overcrowding in the storage and processing rooms. To deal with the issue, it would be important to find out the reason for the overcrowding. Perhaps there might be some staff members who are accessing the areas unnecessarily, and they are not using them. Therefore, there have to rule that govern the access to the areas. Any staff member in the areas unnecessarily with have to move. Additionally, there should be a way to manage space, such as rearrangement of the rooms. Staff members may also have to be reassigned to other rooms where possible to create more room for the rest.
The cooperation among the staff and getting them to adopt my changes is important. Therefore, it is important for me to sell my case to them and get them to cooperate. Therefore, the first thing would be to explain the importance of the changes that I would implement in the department. The explanation would include a detailed analysis of the information gathered and the expected outcome. The outcome would be classified in the form of financial gains, benefit in time management and benefits in space management. These are the areas that are the most important. Additionally, it is important to inform the administrative staff of the ways to improve the staff morale. Once the benefits are clearly explained, then they may have to go for the suggested approaches.

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