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Capital Industries case study

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Capital Industries case study

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Business

Level: College

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Words: 275

Capital Industries (Case Study)
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Frank Allen best qualifies in handling functional estimates of the industries efficiently and proficiently. He is versed in the field of project management both the two-dimensional and three-dimensional analysis. The two reports are very technical and require advanced personnel with a considerable period of job experience. He greatly configures the time difference in tackling the three-dimensional analyses that requires much time as opposed to two-dimensional studies. In contrast, Paul Troy cannot singly manage functional estimates because of his unprofessional and generalization of the two analysis.
Paul Troy does not qualify to undertake evaluations and needs many supervisions. Though he has a good academic background, he runs short of experience in running the project. Experience in project management is imperative, failure in which contribute to uncountable loss by the industry. It is evident that Paul Troy is new to the task and has no experience and techniques in handling project estimates of the industries. For instance, he made low estimates of 800 hours because three-dimensional analyses require at least 1,000 hours.
According to the case study, there was a communication problem between the functional manager and Paul Troy. For instance, information about the running of the project was not substantive and illogic. It is only after realization in the breakdown of communication that Fran Allen called for a meeting in addressing the matter at large. Paul Troy prepared a formal report rather than giving concrete reasons to structural failure and a way forward.
Frank Allen should have tracked the estimates and activities done by Paul Troy on the project on its commencement. He came to realize too late when the industries’ project was in disrupts after competent fixing management by Paul Troy. It is clear that Paul Troy was after finishing the project too fast than the planned time.
In conclusion, Paul Troy has no regret in handling the project ineffectively, does not realize time, and costs constraints in running. Being the first time in dealing with a three-dimensional stress analysis does not seem a big deal. All he considers is the completion of the estimates too fast beyond the considerable time.

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