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Business Ethics

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Business Ethics

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Is corporate social responsibility a way to cover exorbitant charges?
There are different definitions that have been provided to for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Most writers refer to CSR as an organization’s sense of commitment to the environment and community both socially and ecologically whereby they ensure a reduction of waste products, institute different social programs that are geared towards ensuring the overall wellbeing of the society. It can also be said to be an initiative by a corporation to take charge of their social and environmental wellbeing. The initiatives of CRS often go beyond those that are desired by different environment protection groups and regulators in the company in question. The ideal standing of CSR is that they often spend an amount of money towards other activities that do not proof to be beneficial to the company immediately. It is an ethical undertaken which ensure a positive outlook of the company towards its surroundings. CSR is used as a way to cover high charges by corporations, and assists in improving the companies’ image and also improve the community where the companies are situated. To make arguments on whether companies use CSR as a way to make coverage of their exorbitant prices, it is, however, vital to understanding the motivations behind it and the reasons why most people are against its use.
Motivation of CSR
Most organizations make use of CSR as an …

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