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Business Ethics and Laws

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Business Ethics and Laws

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Business

Level: College

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Business Ethics and Laws:
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Case study 1:
It is evident that most companies that provide buying deals like product warranty face significant challenges. The vice versa is also true to the purchasers who at times do not understand the ethics involved while purchasing an item. Shayna’s situation is very challenging to judge because it is sure that she forgot to pack her new iPad while going to school. The consumer rights and laws regarding warrants state that one is entitled to a replacement when his or her good has a major failure. (Oumlil, 2008). A commodity could also be compensated when it has probable damage. Most prominent companies like Apple should be able to repair gadgets that are not of an acceptable quality. Now, if Shanya was given a 30-day warranty from Best Buy, it is, therefore, important to note that she is free to make all claims as regarded to his gadget. The claims involve whether the iPad meets the expected quality and free from mechanical damages, but all the claims should take place within the agreed period. However, Apple Company has a length warranty period that gives its customers time so that in case they come across defects on their devices they can seek for compensation. (Oumlil, 2008).
Most companies would make arguments against consumers or customers who violet rules concerned with product warranties. For instance, it is never reasonable for a consumer to claim for compensation when his warranty period is due. (Oumlil, 2008).A company would therefore not tolerate customers who claim compensation after that period. For, instance, Apple could warrant all Apple branded devices that are in an original packaging for one year. Shanya should have made an initiative to check for the functionality of her device through her father because it is not suggestive for Apple to compensate her. The probable outcome of the incidence is that Shanya could lose the money and her device. The Consumer Law for such a case is under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 for Australian consumers.
Case study 2:
Carol should understand that most pharmaceutical drugs have side effects to the body. It is, therefore, evident that Beltermine is a defective drug because it had side effects on Carol’s body. But the inquisition is whether Beltermine is a defectively designed drug. Most pharmacists make specifications for the drugs they make so as to protect the lives of the consumers. However, the failure to read the prescription notice and side effects of the drug has landed Carol into a serious quagmire. As much as Beltermine could be a defective drug, it is not sure that it is designed to harm anyone, but it is significant for people to understand its effects before use. Carol faces an enormous challenge to escape a poor condition because product liability has no federal law, and it is always phrased under the theories of negligence, breach of warranty and severe liability. But for Carol to recover from the doctor’s odyssey she should acknowledge her case to the concerned authorities. Carol should inform her case because for product liability to happen the Beltermine in circulation could be having a defective product placed in it by the seller. For that case, the doctor should be held liable for the side effects Carol is facing. (Australia, 1993).
In conclusion, it is a challenging factor to analyze the argument from both sides. It is because both parties could have acted less responsible. The doctor could have learned of the defective product in Beltermine and took a go ahead to sell it, Carol. Carol also acted irresponsibly because she did not take a time to read the side effects of the drug. Her primary concern was just to cut the weight. I think no party is legible to winning such a case. However, it is also sure that the doctor may be put into custody because defective products cause many injuries to many people in USA today. For such a case, the legal rules concerning the party responsible for defective products is unusual from regular injury law. So, sometimes an injured person may easily recuperate the damages incurred on her. (Australia, 1993)
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Oumlil, A. B. (2008). Warranty planning and development framework: a case study of a high-tech multinational firm. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing. doi:10.1108/08858620810901266
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