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Blade Runner

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A Research Analysis of Blade Runner by Scott Ridley.
Proposed thesis.
The film “blade runner” directed by Ridley Scott is a science fiction-based film from the 1980s that has won awards for the Best Art Direction-Set Decoration and another award for The Best Visual Effects. The film has won many more awards like the BAFTA Awards and has also been nominated twice for the Oscars Golden Globes. It depicts a blade runner challenged upon trying to terminate four replicants who decide to steal a space ship and return to the planet Earth to find their creator. It stars two famous principal actors, Harrison Ford and Emmet Welsh as police officers who at the moment gain the information that the replicants may have entered Earth to extend their four-year life span. Both actors are in a challenging quest to make a plan for eradicating these replicants and at the same time get along with each other. The film operates on several emotional levels with a first person narrative. More so, the director aims at arraying the moral outlook and humanity of the protagonist as well as an odd dark shadowy cinematography. The replicants collide with humans who appear to be non-empathetic. The replicants try and show concern for each other, but that does not counter the presence of a cold and dark, impersonal human nature out in the streets. The film Blade Runner by Scott Ridley under interpretation displays the overall impression of the movie more into its…

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