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Assignment 10

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Assignment 10

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Computer Science

Level: College

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

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12 December 2015
Assignment 10
The reason Shortest-Seek-Time-First (SSTF) programing tends does favor the cylinders in the middle over the outermost and innermost cylinders are first to take the most of the throughput; that is to have as numerous requests as possible serviced for each unit time. Apart from that, the favoritism also helps in minimizing the average time for responses. This statement means that it provides a certain level of predictability. The central disk section has the smallest mean distance to every other track. Therefore, after having the first request serviced, the algorithm is most likely going to be closer to the center track than to any other specified track. The algorithm would, therefore, most probably go to the center track after servicing the first request. Once it gets to a specific track, SSTF has a tendency of keeping the head near this particular track in question. Therefore, the SSTF scheduling would always have the initial affinity towards the middle cylinders (“Galvin exercise” n.pag).
Rational latency is normally ignored in “disk scheduling” because many disks never transfer the information about their rational position to “the host.” But were they to transfer the data, the time it would take this information to get to “the scheduler” would still not be precise. This period utilized by the scheduler is a variable as well. This observation basically means that the “rational positio…

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