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Everyone has an Accent Apart from Me
Answered Questions
Question one. A person will feel they do not have an accent due the fact they belong to an identical group who pronounce words the same way. This perception is more on where one belongs and how it sounds to talk like one of the group members than on the speech itself. One being in an environment where they fit and belong dialectically and in an accent, the fact they would claim not to have an accent. When an individual say they don’t have an accent they expect this to be perceived, that you know where are how they grew up, and such aspects that cause the difference in the way we sound.Question two. Co-construction of reality is a phenomenon in us that directs us to constructing agreeing with a particular group and fitting them with similar sounds. This psychological process makes us stereotypical to the accent we consider normal, and we quickly sense a strange accent. This perception is the one that leads to believing that we do not have an accent. This belief creates to us a feeling we are part of the sound in the circle around and our sound is the suitable example of typical sound (Bauer, Laurie & Trudgill 21).Question 3. Vowels, consonants, and intonations are basics of the language. We use the pronunciation of this and the voice quality to judge the presence of accent in a speaker. When he or she utter a vowel we relate to what we have heard of it …

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