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Application of Orem’s self-care deficit theory to resolve an issue in nursing practice

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Application of Orem’s self-care deficit theory to resolve an issue in nursing practice

Category: Term paper

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: Masters

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Application of Orem’s Self-care Deficit Theory
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Application of Orem’s Self-care Deficit Theory
The nursing profession is continually growing, and its development is often influenced by various theories and their application in unique scenarios that continue to develop. Such a theory is Dorothea Orem’s self-care deficit theory that was articulated in the 1950s but was published in the 1970s after which it received more recognition and gained widespread acceptance throughout the medical profession. According to the self-care theory, the need for nursing can be systematically determined via assessment of the patient and their needs. The theory argues that patients are capable of self-care and that nursing is needed when the self-care becomes insufficient (Green, 2013).
The need for nursing also arises when the patient’s ability to perform self-care are hindered by either disease or deficiency in the knowledge necessary to perform the self-care. Orem’s self-care deficit is not only applicable to the assessment of whether a patient needs nursing or not, the theory transcends the nursing practice and has influenced nursing education, nursing research, as well as guided the professionalism of nursing practice and provided a blueprint via which the nursing practice can be held accountable or their actions while performing their duties of dissemination of nursing services (Orem & Taylor, 2011). In this paper, Dorothea Ore…

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