Anti-gun control

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Anti-gun control
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The recent mass shooting in the United States clearly depicts the trend of gun violence in our society. The current study shows that in every 100 people living in the United States, 88 of the people own guns (Cothran, 2003). With a variety of weapons and minimal control on who can own the weapon, there is simply no realistic method to keep these guns from falling into the hands of the violent criminals. The paper explains reasons for the anti-gun control.
Gun should not be controlled because everyone has a right o defend one’s life from criminal attack. The right to life is fundamental. Although police and military are the ones assigned to maintain peace, we cannot say that they are perfect. For our life to be safe, we are required to guard ourselves with weapons such as guns. Also, gun should not be controlled because guns are the necessary for the self-defense. Imagine of an old man with his family being attacked by strong men. Such imagination clearly agrees that gun should not be controlled because such a family still needs to live like others (Jacobs, 2004). Private Citizens need to own guns because they want to defend their life and the life of their families. In addition, the second amendment of the constitution agrees that private citizens are supposed to own guns for the safety reasons (Krouse, 2012). Controlling the guns is against the constitution and this shows that guns are not supposed to be controlled. Guns are important in our society because they are a right in our country so that citizens can rise against the tyrannical government. Guns should be controlled because violence is not caused by guns, but it is due to our culture and violence in the media industry that is resulting to the mass killing of people (Dimock & Doherty, 2013).
In conclusion, controlling gun among citizens is not an appropriate way of reducing the number of people being killed in our society. Different people are being killed by use of different means, and it is hard to know all the weapons that are being owned by people in their families. For these reasons, controlling the use of guns is not the best method to solve the society problems. To control unnecessary killings, the government should amend a different strict measure that can be used to people who are murderers.
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