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Anitfederalist Papers #84

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Anitfederalist Papers #84

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

An Overview of Antifederalist Papers #84
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History has had a fair portion of views and opinions regarding the social welfare of different groups within the society. Most significantly is the protection of peoples’ rights as envisaged by the Constitution. During the period of drafting, proposal and passing of the federal law some issues were undermined and not included. The result was an emergence of independent-minded individuals who stood firm to defend the rights of the majority. They identified loopholes to get checked and rectified in the then constitutional dispensation. Antifederalist Paper 84, bases on the lack of a particular bill of rights will all the essentials required for proper functioning of all governments (Savoy, 2013)
The author alludes to the views of most Americans about freedom. He claims that by nature, people must be free. According to him, no person should be allowed to oppress others regardless of social class or to base on any of the constitutional loopholes. According to him, the state constitution has sufficiently defended the function meant to get attained if not wholly, by a greater percentage. Though the natural rights of individuals have since been threatened by the same constitution which is seen as the best way the national government can attain control and power, he has still insisted on the ultimate nature of the US constitution compared to other countries
The potentates have moved swiftly with a lot of appetites to rule and enlarge their power and control to eternity in some countries, not like in America where the state of the law is clearly stated and respected. And to countries where freedom is still worth a topic, they have at times tried to resist the overgrowing powers of their rulers without much success. The author further says that the universal rule that no person should be guilty unless sufficiently proved isn’t applicable anymore save for America where clear corroborations and testimonies get upheld. In his view, the United States brings out the bright look on how the state government should operate about both the state and the national constitution. The general government has since upheld the security of life, and as stated in the law, the jury and the counsel has been given powers to bring to book any offenders (Savoy, 2013).
Needless to say, the respect to property as in the constitution is just as for mere stay since just as it was before, trial by the jury has yet been relinquished and is just a story kept in the papers. The much powers vested in the president has allowed some key articles in the Constitution to get repealed.
The author’s message brings out some of the major failures in the constitution and the several loopholes in other states but with a bigger stand that the American constitution is still supreme. The people have become victims of their choices. In some countries, the fundamental freedoms like that of elections and media have since been shuttered.
The paper tries to expose some of the major constitutional challenges faced in most countries. Some freedoms such as that of expression and trial are major issues brought out by the author. Leaders who cling to power has been on the rise in most in most African states. It shows how parliamentary powers have since been misused to tyrannize the electorates. Though the writer argues that the United States Constitution is supreme, it also has several issues to be aligned just like in other growing economies.

Savoy, J. (2013). The Federalist Papers revisited: A collaborative attribution scheme. Proc. Am. Soc. Info. Sci. Tech., 50(1), 1-8. http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/meet.14505001036

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