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Analytical DataAnalysis

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Analytical DataAnalysis

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Statistics

Level: College

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Guidelines to analytical data analysis of Asthma and Pregnancy Study
Asthma is one of the chronic diseases that complicate pregnancies in the whole world. Statistics show that it affects over twelve percent of the pregnant women in Australia. Consumption of antioxidative foods reduces the oxidative stress effect and inflammation in adults living with asthma. This study is aimed at reaching and trying to see whether high and continuous consumption of antioxidants foods can control asthma in pregnant women.
Step 1: Define the total population involved in the study
To carry out the Asthma control trial a group of one hundred and sixty-eight women who are pregnant and randomly with the common health history. For example, they should all be asthmatic though at different levels. For a period of four weeks, the pregnant women will be randomized to consumption of antioxidant food unlike before the study whereby majority consumes oxidative foods that worsen their asthmatic conditions (Grieger et al., 108).
Step2: Define the subsets of the target group
The total number of women who are going to be involved in the study will be grouped into smaller subsets. There are those women with controlled, uncontrolled and partly controlled asthma cases.
Step3: Define the outcome variables
There are several clinical gaps that don’t define the reason why asthma disease does affect pregnant women. This study is aimed at positively improving the…

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