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An introvert that turns into an extrovert *SHORT STORY*

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“Serena, come down, it’s time for school!” My mom’s voice cried from the kitchen. What she doesn’t know is that I don’t wanna go to school, not now; not ever. I bet you guys that once I get dressed and ready to school, she will start on ranting about how sad I look; how beautiful I am, and that I shouldn’t feel blue, as today is a new day. “I’m coming, mom. Wait a sec” I dressed hastily, and got ready in about five minutes. I guess you’re picturing me as a Goth, or emo kid, don’t you? Well, let me disappoint you, guys, I’m not.
Let me present myself. My name is Serena, I’m 16, and a sophomore in High School. I live in the suburbs, with my mom, and my little brother. My parents divorced when I was a little girl, and although my dad is a nice guy, we don’t see each other often, since my mom holds a grudge on him because he cheated on her. In complete honesty, that’s not my fault, and I hate when my mom compares me with my dad, saying that we are so alike.
We tend to move a lot since my mom’s job requires she’s on different locations quite often. She is a travel writer, which means that we have visited a lot of places and lived in some of the weirdest places. For instance. We lived in Hong Kong for two years and I still have nightmares in Chinese. My dad was my mom’s editor, and they seem to make a good team. However, he started seeing a young writer behind my mom’s back, and when she found out, she got super mad. I don’t blame …

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