Poem Analysis Essay

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Poem Analysis Essay
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Writing a career profile

Name: Tutor s name: Course: Institution: Date: Why You Should Become an Accountant There are many career options to choose from for young people joining college. They range from technical, administrative to professional careers. This poses a challenge to young people because it is easy to settle for a wrong career due to the allure of looking classy, associated with some careers. Some careers are regarded as being prestigious and more rewarding than others, which led me to choose one career in this realm, that of an accountant. The accounting profession has a wide scope, which can be split down to public accounting, management accounting, auditing and cost accounting. The common denominator being...


Student’s name Instructor’s name History Date Disaster in the West 1. Definition of Yersinia Pestis and its forms Yersinia pestis refers to a bacterium, highly common among human beings and animals. The bacteria are pole bent coccobacillus, and Gram-negative. Scientists classify the bacteria among the facultative anaerobic bacterium, a common group of bacteria. A Swiss scientist discovered the bacteria during an epidemic in Hong Kong. The bacterium occurs in three distinct forms; bubonic, pneumonic and septicemic. The bacterium has caused massive deaths during three separate periods in some parts of the world. The bacterium causing disease is still common in the world. However,...

Analysis of The Moonstone

The Moonstone was authored by Wilkie Collins in 1868. The book is an epistolary that is considered as the initial detective novel. The summary of the novel illustrates that a young woman received a big diamond during her eighteenth birthday as an inheritance. The woman is called Rachel Verinder. The inheritance is from Colonel Herncastle. The British soldier worked in India and showed high levels of corruption (Karl 9). The big diamond has a lot of religious importance, and it also has high financial value. Three Hindu priests took the initiative to recover the stolen diamond. The novel shows illustrations of the historical origin of religious diamond that is known as Hope Diamond (Karl 38). The...

Police Report – Teens Caught On Tape Tossing Debris From Bridge

Name: Professor: Course:Date: Teens Caught On Tape Tossing Debris from Bridge On October 10, 2007, at around 2:30 pm, a police officer responded to a 911 call on the Ninth Street highway bridge with and 1-235 way. The highway is busy with many cars since the time is rush hour. Bob Kapple, who happens to witness children throwing what seems to be logs and debris over the bridge, meets the police officer. After giving a brief chase; the police manage to arrest two children who Bob Kapple confirms have been throwing debris over the bridge. The police officer confirms the incident and questions the juveniles who agree to all the accounts of tossing debris from the bridge. The police confirm the...

Why Forgive?

Name Tutors Name Course Date Why Forgive Mistakes are part of life, and often people find themselves offending those around them or even those they love. These errors and offences can lead to bad blood between people who live together or even work together and to avoid the commotions brought by the mistakes people often need to forgive each other and move on. However, it is not an easy thing to forgive since the offended ones always feel demeaned by the mistakes and they often need to avenge so as to feel at peace. Forgiveness has no fairness but people can not live without it since it is the most beautiful form of love and it is a part of the strong hearted people as it takes courage and...


Name: Professor Name: Course: Date: Cause and Effect When Drawing the Line between Public Safety and Personal Freedom Introduction The line between public safety and personal freedom is always thin. In most societies, the struggle to maintain the balance is evident. Giving one side more importance over the other always leads to a skewed society with problems. This is evidence in the novel "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. This is a society, which has chosen to give public safety preeminence over personal freedom. In so doing, they create a sameness society in which the individuals do not think for themselves, therefore, losing their personal freedom. The aim of this essay is to explain why we should...

Creative Writing

The Runs I remember when I had the runs. I was seven years old, and returning from a road trip with my parents; brothers, and aunt. My family had decided we should go on a road trip to spend some quality time, and since my aunt was just a little older than my brothers, she tagged along on most of our trips. She’s cool, though. In the middle of the road, my dad decided we should stop at a convenience store and grab some stuff to eat while driving. I grabbed a burrito and a few things, a lot of things that I wouldn’t’ve grabbed if this weren't a trip. My dad was in a good mood, and since he had cashed his paycheck, he was feeling generous. After a couple of hours on the road, I started feeling...

Should we give up cash to save the trees?

Should we give up cash to save the trees? Name Institutional Affiliations Date Should we give up cash to save the trees? Giving up cash for trees means that we would have fresh air, shelter, and our soils would stabilize. Going green means that a lot of money and energy is saved. When more trees are planted, this will go a long way in fixing the amount of pollution that has accumulated over the years. The weather that has been drastically changing would stabilize. The soil that has lost a lot of its nutrients would start to become rich and more crops would be grown. Saving trees is a sure way of saving what has been depleted and getting so much more from the environment, for...

A Rose For Emily (short story)

Student’s Full Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Paragraph Analysis of “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner In this essay, we shall analyze the significance of the following paragraph of "A Rose for Emily" “Then we noticed that in the second pillow was the indentation of a head. One of us lifted something from it and leaning forward, that faint and invisible dust dry and acrid in the nostrils, we saw a long strand of iron-gray hair.” (Faulkner 5) In my opinion, the story does not lead to the conclusion, which makes the final even more unexpected. This is by far the most interesting line in the whole story. The final punch the reader needs to be finally awestruck by the...